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Set out on July, 2005, BIGNEPAL has left an impact among all the Nepalese living abroad and within the country. It is acting as the network hub among all Nepalese who are spread out of their motherland. Interestingly, BIGNEPAL as an internet domain has been created by a Nepali living in United Kingdom. We, Nepalese, always love our country irrespective of corrupted leaders ruling our country and defaming it's all good values. BIGNEPAL has stood it's ground on this regard. So, what is BIGNEPAL? Good question.
BIGNEPAL, literally, is a domain (as i wrote earlier)
To write about, well, it's the concoction of every online activities one could be involved into online. There is a reason behind this. To bring all Nepalese into one place, to share our Ideas,knowledge, to make new friends, to promote Nepali connection worldwide utilizing the latest technology available and so. That doesn't mean, it's not limited to Nepalese only, anyone who loves Nepal and Nepalese could be part of this junction.

Now, let me analyze each and every thing of BigNepal.Com. BigNepal is a forum( BigNepal is an online portal( BigNepal is a ChatRoom( BigNepal is a social networking site( BigNepal is a Bloggers blogden. BigNepal is Dating spot( BigNepal is repository of Nepalese only videos( What else. It's all in one package stuff. However, as i said earlier, it still needs to reach it's maturity and i can see, it's growing day by day.

The first thing which caught my attention is their forum. Very gentle and sober people writes their stuff and eqaully being commented out by genuine visitors. But at times, there are very few kiddie users, who crawl the forum,write their stuff of their own imagination and it's kindda repelling for user like me who always is seeking serious ideas and suggestions. Still, the topics are nicely laid and one can promptly jump into the topics and put his/her own opinion and seek the best help/suggestion one could get.

I won't recommend anyone for chat but if you are directed to kill your boredom,one can jump onto it. But, one must prepare himself/herself how to behave on chat. Since, chatrooms are generally filled with illogical offenders, one has to be ready for that too. Make one's mind in such a way to accept things like that, then one will get nothing but fun. I've to admit, there will be no serious discussion on chat rooms. It's just trash talk about trash topics. Whatever, it's fun. One can make new friends, new contacts and it all depends at how one presents himself/herself there.

There is Nepalese version of Hi5 too called I think it's a social networking concept and i'm sure everyone knows, how it works. Put one's photo, write in details , hobbies,interests, blah blah and other party , if interested would leave comments,makes friends, invites friends and so. Pure Nepali Social Networking. I'm sure you will love this one.

BigNepal also has dating junction. People put their profile and people watch profiles, and one can fix date and continue contacts with the person having similar taste,choice and preference.

Drishya( is BigNepal's pure Nepalese Video repository site just like Youtube. I've seen interesting videos related to Nepalese Music and culture,entertainment etc. It's a great spot for video uploaders and viewers.

Despite all these features, the only thing which bothered me is their lack of integration between the features they've installed. Under the single name BIGNEPAL, the features it has provided feel like it's not owned by BIGNEPAL. Precisely, what i meant is, the user account that i created on Forum won't work on Fulbari. The user account I created on Fulbari won't work on Drishya and so. This is too much of annoyances. I really had to create accounts using almost 3 of my different emails. Finally i gave up. I hope they integrate the same user account with all the features they provide and give access to him/her into one single first signup instead of showing message like below:
Sharing your thoughts on Bigboard Forum has never been any bad experience. Unfortunately for the security reason, we have to create another user ID to login in BB

and BOTTOMLINE: Visit , you won't regret at all!!!


Anonymous said…
I am a regular visitor of bignepal, i like forums and video section, it has huge collection of music videos.
Navin said…
Pushpa, yes!! that's indeed a true statement but it still needs more visitors in Music Video section. :)

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