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if i was born 10 years before...

if i was born 10 years before
my age would have been 24
it would have been best day of my life
when i would marry her and make my wife

The way she looks way she walks
i love everything cause she rocks
her black long hair and that charming face
when she's near the heart beat escalates

but i don't know who is guilty here
to send me on earth after long year
though i like i can't love her it is so bitter
but this is the truth i can't get what i prefer
i really hate this......


if i was born 10 years later
i would have been 4 and that's better
it would've been carefree life for sure,
this cute little girl making me allured

i really like the way she dances
the feeling is different of these trances
i can't stop staring though i want to
her lovely smile riveting it's damn cool

but i don't know who should i blame for this
i am 14 now she wants to be my lil sis
though i like i can't love her it is so bitter
but this is the truth i can't get what i prefer
i really hate this......

i've been noticing this guy
it's been few days he's been around
i wonder who is he waiting for
the way he's dressed up i mean look at his eager

he looks desparate cause he sighed
he must have felt as if she just lied
yet he looks calm and hasn't lost his cool
is it april 1...i think she made him april fool

he watches the watch again
turns around and stares that alleyway
it probably is the way she would come from
innocent little face
oh it's quite long he's been waiting...........
ain't she coming ?

5 gums must been chewed by now
his gelled hair's has started to lean down
i can smell the perfume he has used from up here
even his cell didn't seem to work so he sneered


(March 24th on 25th)

I was fed up of watching TV
I was feeling bore guess it was 5:30
Then I switched on my computer
Cause I didn’t wanted to get much borer
After I got my XP window opened
My favorite play list I put them on

Then I dialed up my internet account
Meanwhile I was down with green day sound
After that I signed in msn messenger
Hoped for online friend and there it was her
Thought she would start but I was wrong
I started chat and asked about her favorite song

..................still thinking

I don’t know why she wanted to go that soon
The last time we chatted guess it was 7th of June
Before she went I reminded promise she made
To call me on my cell before I go to bed
But now I think I was fooled she didn’t call
Did she dissed me or she got some trouble


this our friendship
we'll never ever break
though i stop to breathe
i won't let go of you my friend

my victory's your victory
your downfall my downfall
hey pal listen to this
your sorrow is my sorrow
my life is your life too
this is how our friendship is

i'd even risk myself
for you i'd go against
everybody else

These songs are written by my young cousin bro:


Anonymous said…
wuu nicee.

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