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My first ever driving lesson

Everytime,everything you do, starts from first attempt or say every new thing you try/do is first time for you. And more and more repititive attempt makes you perfect in everything. But there is a different taste and amusement in your everything first time. You'll never feel that amusement in second times and gradually, it fades out. I felt that zeal yesterday, that was concoction of fear,excitement and hastiness. I really love to try newthings in life. And, i'll keep doing that for ever.

The point:::--
Yesterday, i took a driving lesson from my father. And, i drove around a mile back and forth. This was my first time driving ever. I hadn't touch steering before. But somehow I managed to drive for 1 mile(veterans, please don't laugh at me ). I still have so many things to learn. First I really need to build my confidence and i'm sure that eventually, it'll grow. Next time, i won't be that scared.

I took a lot of online help on driving before i actually sat on the driving seat. I even found couple of Youtube videos which described which/what parts of cars. Some even gave some formula. I learnt all that beforehand. So, when i sat on the seat yesterday, i was really scared but was driving smoothly. I just needed some explanations from my father at times. I think what i need is the level of confidence UP.

The reason to post this is because, when i see myself from the point where i'll be expert driver and recalling back to the point where i was just learning driving. That would be pure fun. I wish i had a video journal of when i first learnt bicycle and motorbike.

My video of how i drove for the first time(inside):

That's how i was steering, too bad. I didn't have idea what i did, now seeing myself driving that way, i'm just having strange feelings for myself.


Anonymous said…
just so you know how internet works around here it takes a lot time to watch videos online, i am sick of it. I am really excited about what you guys have been upto till today. so when there's loads of videos and picture collected please do send it to me through air mail or something.......hope i am not asking more
Navin said…
Yeah, i know. Dialup is very slow and as i wrote an article on INTERNET BLACKOUTS, there also i mentioned somewhere that internet was not designed for big data transfer. And, in Nepal, we are still sticking with dial-up, a very conventional method to hook up into Internet, which can't handle multimedia on net.

I think you can watch the videos from the cyber cafe where they provide high speed internet connection. The only reason to shift my pictures and video contents next page(read more section) is because of this issue. Majority of my viewers are from Nepal and putting videos and pictures at first page really made them load my blog too slow.

and regarding sending stuff through air, i'll consider that bro. :) that's nice idea.
Unknown said…
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