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My first Hiking and Thanks Giving day

Today, it's Thursday. And it was wonderful Thanks Giving day. BUT... early in the morning, we thought to go for hiking on the mountains.

Well, the venue was located to 20 miles away west from our residence.It's called Wilder Range State Park. We drove for 10 minutes and we reached there. I looked up and it was huge mountain. I was told that we have to hike back and forth that mountain. It was almost 4 hours walk. At first, i was so reluctant to hike that long but once i started, i couldn't stop myself and wished i could hike second time too. It was wonderful wonderful experience today. We walked all the way from the ground to up up on the mountain, we crossed from the jungles and walked on and on. The energy was immense because of the beautiful weather and the aroma inside the woods. That kept me walking without a weariness. I even took a short run for approximately 500 meters. My father was bit astonished to see my energy level. During the whole hiking, i was the first walking on the group. And, yeah, i also had an encounter with wild dogs. I tried to take their pictures but they got scared and ran away. They just looked like hyenas. I was frightened but later collected all my courage and tried to take couple of snaps, ran after them and tried my best to take their closest picture. Today, weather was so good and we didn't miss to take pictures of ourselves too.

Let me also mention something about this Thanks Giving day from my own perspective. Thanks Giving day is the day where people wishes and thanks each other for all the good things they got. Usually, a person gets a huge hollow Turkey and inside, he usually puts mashed potatoes and other eatables with incredients. This is called stuffing. Then he cooks it in oven. What else, by the evening, friends and relatives visits and the guests are served with wine, apple cider,wine,apple pie, pumpkin pie and most importantly Turkey with other delicacies. But before celebration, one of them chants some blessings and afterward feast begins. It's good. I was part of this celebration today. We visited to one of the close relative of my aunt and we had a great time out there. We talked to many people out there. I enjoyed learning about new culture out there.
(my pictures inside)

Clicking images will show enlarged view

That's weirdo Me

Thats same wacko me

What am i thinking??(flying??)

In the woods(talking to Oak?? )

Super hero pose

'Heroes' pose(see, i shifted those trees apart from it's place)

Do you think this one is OK for Newspaper AD(umm for College Admission/umm Buy 1 Get 2/umm Holiday Offer.. umm.. blah blah..)

Bro and Myself

Myself again

..while returning

Aunt,Father and myself

I really loved this one(dunno it's name)

Beautiful Ocean View from the mountain

Poison Ivy( You touch it and trouble starts)

Can you see the wild dogs??(click the image for larger view and find out)


Anonymous said…
really cool place......oh!!!! i can't describe how your jump-ups looked like.the place somewhat looks like Nepal regarding the hills and did mention about wild dogs but there wasn't picture. anyways have fun!!!
Navin said…
lovsang, if you see the last picture, you'll see a wilddog can see it's head. there.. try it out.. and yeah, i really did enjoy that day bro :)

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