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6455 unique visitors a day

Yesterday, i wrote a post and that post alone got 6455 unique hits, this is the highest hits to my blog till date. That means, 6455 people read it. Except my 30 regular readers, rest of them were all the new visitors to my blog.

Hits on my post skyrocketed because, i fired the issue which was contemporary,later became hot issue and almost all Nepalese netizens searched Internet with the almost same combinations of keywords: "Nepalese site hacked" "Nepalese government site hacked" "Nepal hacked" .....

And, my new friend 'nepsydaz' at 'digg' dug my post and it was actually, diggDotcom at the first of the search result(diggDotcom has higher PR than mine ..geez, it's definitely gonna come first). So, whoever searched on above keywords they saw diggdotcom first and almost 90% visitors flocked into my blog after they'd been through the digg of my new friend 'nepsydaz'

My statcounter stat shows 6455 unique visitors/7094 hits/30 returning visitors as on dated Dec 16th,2007

I still remember the days during Indian Idol season,that i usually got approximately 3000 hits per day. Because, then people searched on Net with the keywords "prashant tamang" and they ended up reading at my blogpost most of the time. And, i've to admit that it's not being steady flow of visitors. It just happens occasionally when i write on hot topics or issues. Besides, 200 unique visitors a day is my average usual flow of visitors. I wish i had steady flow of more than 4,000 visitors/readers a day :)


Binay said…
Congratulations bro!!
I actually saw that post on digg right after I commented here :D
Navin said…
thank you bro, please keep visiting. i need wonder words of my friends and visitors.
Anonymous said…
Now guess who am i?
Anonymous said…
Congratulation Navin! I never had so many unique visitors for a day before :(
Navin said…
nepsydaz, no idea!! enlighten me please

Merdurian, thankssssss
Nisha said…
thanks for the sweet message u had sent, navin.. and congrats on having so many visiters to your site.. you're lucky ya:) i love the way you write so interestingly so i guess your visiters are going to increase day by day.. just keep up the good work and dont forget a friend here:)tc
Navin said…
you are always welcome Nisha

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