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iGoogle : my new iGoogle theme

So many people still look at me with dazed eyes when i tell/inquire them about 'iGoogle'. fine, they know google, but igoogle??what the heck is it? Google is for searching things online and they feel proud and content when they say so as if they had known all of it. But satirically, they've no idea on what is iGoogle. When i tell them, google is not only search engine but it's also a complex mathematical and scientific calculator(just disclosing one of google's tentacles, i know google is huge OCTOPUS even larger than 'Kragen' someone has dreamt of and my blog alone would be insufficient to gossip around all of it's features - 'wink''wink'), i become the laugh stock of the crowd. I don't mind and i don't care. Well, coming to the point, i'm writing about iGoogle.

Google has offered us a lot, (mentioning about google page - i really don't like it, very less monthly bandwidth, not even enough to share my files with my chums.) and i won't say iGoogle is offer but it's something which makes us unique. It's like 'SEARCH WITH STYLE' or say 'SEARCH WITH COOLNESS'. Previously, it's 'Google personalized homepage" wheww. whatta long phrase.. but now it became iGoogle.

Yeap, iGoogle is the customizable page offered to you by Google where you can add your favorite google gadgets,themes,etc. Gadgets could be limitless(clock/news/calendar/horoscope/aquarium/jokes/movies and blah blah).Just think of one, and you would be amazed to find one for you. And, today, i thought to write about it, because, i got one very nice theme for my iGoogle from here. It's very suitable and time relevant. It's christmas and cold winter theme. Check below for picture:
Click to enlarge picture and see what's on my iGoogle

Last but important: You need to have gmail account to integrate iGoogle features to normal google page. And, you don't even need to have an invitation to have gmail account. It's no more BETA. Writing just in case you don't know about it. So, sign up a gmail account @
and is the door to your iGoogle.
Have fun and good day!!


Binay said…
I see the email with my name on you igoogle!!! Moderating comments like that should be frustrating? shouldn't you use something like a captcha image? simple maths problem? like that? Provided your host is blogger, I guess you'll have fewer options :D

Google is great! I had one google freak friend in school who wrote an entire speech with the topic "Google is God"(YEAH REALLY!! but it was amazing to see that only I laughed my ass off and the rest just listened).
I've a long list of igoogle widgets 5 tabs,30+ widgets(i don't count), solar system theme, pacman :D
Try the astronaut kit for igoogle
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Nice page .......... i too have so many widgets but i rearely use them ....... i also am using solar system theme ..........
MangalMan said…
navin bro would you be kind enough for a link exchange?
i have already put yours in mine.
Navin said…
binay bro, i would love to use captcha image to avoid spam, but what about indecent comments? i usually get indecent comments too.. i don't know why.. so, if i publish them without my approval, some people may get easily offended or may be myself :)Yeah, blogger has that feature though.

oh!! he said GOD, in my view, Google is 'Genie out of the Lamp' :) what do you say bro?

and i would love to see your iGoogle :) thanks i'll try that astronaut kit after this writing
speed bro, cool yaar. now, i'll try different themes..
Mangalman, blog ta gajab ko rahecha ni. already linked you :)

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