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iPhone SuperGuide

Macworld's team of experts have used their knowledge of Apple's revolutionary products to create a straightforward guide to getting started with Apple's groundbreaking new communications and entertainment device, the iPhone. This book covers all you need to know about the iPhone, for Mac and Windows users alike.

This 90-page book gives you in-depth information about using your iPhone, including power tips and tricks about its revolutionary Internet features, its complete built-in iPod functionality, and more. You'll learn the optimal strategies for converting your DVDs into movies playable on the iPhone, as well as Smart Playlist techniques to make the most use of the iPhone's limited storage capacity. There's also vital troubleshooting advice and a tour of the best in iPhone accessories. Let Macworld's team of Apple experts show you how to get the most out of your iPhone.

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Anonymous said…
wow Thank you unfortunately I din own any iPhone -.-
Anonymous said…
you know i-pods have some drawbacks like..........we have to format all and reinsert all the songs in order to add some new songs. Has this iphone covered all its previous devices' drawbacks
Navin said…
merdurian, if you own one someday, be back.. it'll be there :)

oh yeah, ipods are great but not without flaws.

seeing people jumping over this iphone thing/..umm.. i guess, this has got better than ipod.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
i-phone singapore crack is also avilable in nepali market ..... i got to play with this phone for about 5 minutes ........ there are many features that are preety useless here in nepal ..... but a great phone for style consious ...... you can get 8 GB i-phone at prices of around 43,000 to 51,000 depending upon where you buy it ...... which is lot more than the US price i guess
Navin said…
oh.. here it's around $400 with contract by AT&T. People here buy phone from AT&T and they go to people who unlock it for $50 to get rid of the phones' strict dependency with AT&T only. altogether $500(with additional taxes and so). If we convert it in Nepalese, umm.. it approximately around 32,000 rupees and you are right, not all features can be used out there. The touch screen is splendidly done and the style?? sexyyyyyyyy..

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