Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some of my Photoshop tricks

I've seen couple of these effects all over the net and reading all the lamest comments on those effects made me try my hands on it. And, i thought i accomplished to some extent without following any complicated how-to's/tutorials. These are some of the effects i did.

My transparent Toshiba laptop, messy desk and book "CYBERSHOCK" by Winn Schwartau behind

I expect humble comments on following effects too.


Giant in the Garden(My brother)

Threesome myself


WaiKee said...

lol Navin, next time you should show the tutorial of how you make these kind of tricks

Navin said...

sure, i'll.. merdurian :)

Anonymous said...

i am familiar with the first and the second one but I am still wondering how did you create your reflection on the wet sand on third one.

PRENA said...

ooooo woahhh
thats really cool
hehe your father's one is sooo good!

Navin said...

Lovsang, it's not that hard. ..

take different shots of yourself at same angle

then, use layers in photoshop and there is a clone stamp tool, use that. I normally use that tool to retouch photos.

Prerana, hahaha. thanks..

Anonymous said...

I like your threesome. cool.

Navin said...

Thanks Ashish, that threesome just took me 1 minute to do,it was the easiest to do.. three photo of same spot and clone tools of photoshop,

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