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Ask ' 2008 US Presidential candidates ' techy way

Found a really neat interesting site which will actually try to tell you things about 2008 US Presidential election. If you are planning to think who is right or who is wrong or If already have best candidates in your mind, may be you would like to think..umm one more time .. by chatting with 2008 US Presidential candidates online??

Backed by artificial intelligence(AI) software based on Zabaware's award winning Ultra Hal engine, the site has been incorporated with transcripts of all the presidential debates thus far.

If you are discouraged to find that this is not even a real chat session with the candidates(when i wrote 'techy way', i really meant that jeez), don't worry, all the answers you need/get are as authenticated as you've imagined. The candidates on the site will be bot and they'll answer your questions. Select with whom you want to start dialog,hit your questions and there you are.

I found this interesting because, it answered couple of my questions and that helped me to get an idea on American politics. Its quick and easy but questions have to be genuine. Instinctively, don't ask funny/harsh/profane questions,else the relevancy level of answers would be zero.


deepa said…
Make some article for my type of person too.
Webster Twelb said…
chat with them??? really???

Who's your bet on who will win the 2008 election? And how much are you willing to bet on that??
yaya said…
Oh, seem interestingg.
malaysia shud do this too.
im hoping for some miracle for political world in malaysia.

the way they answers and gave statement in newspapers already prove their mentality [3rd class mentality i mean]. they cant even answer a genuine question i think. lol.
Anonymous said…
ya it's interesting site to time pass
some answers are funny one. But we can know what they think and their view after reading the answer weather question is not related to....?
This kind of site is suitable for our country leaders because election is going to be held soon?????? its like " hati baliyo ki hati chaap chhapal baliyo."
WaiKee said…
ahah is that considered as AI ? I think within their script, they already key-in most FAQ-answer in their system
PRENA said…
Hehe I like that website!

I am in favour of Barack Obama! Obama all the way!

Hillary Clinton... booooooooo
Navin said…
Deepa, sure but first let me know your choice of topis :) hai??
Navin said…
Webster, umm.. OBAMA.. its not I'm voting/liking him but it's because, he's getting votes from a lots of people, just my perception. He's kindda going to be a president with different thinking if somehow he became later :0
Navin said…
Yaya, I thought it was only problem with my country, but after reading your notes, my worries have lessened to some extent :) Thanks for sharing your words :)
Navin said…
Anonymous, yeah, but this site gave me lots of information and I really liked the content and informations out there. :)
Navin said…
Merdurian, exactly :)
Navin said…
Prena, ha ha ha women never like women. :) Don't worry, just kidding honey :)
Nirab Pudasaini said…
The AI is good but not that good?
I ask question about gay marrige and i get answers about educating childrens about homosexuality ....... haha
Navin said…
Speed, pretty close right? but not perfect ,
I checked and OBAMA is pretty positive towards Gay/lesbian community :) wow, what a site, I referred. I'm getting info on that site :)
Anonymous said…
Hmmm..interesting..especially the part that you can chat online with US Presidential candidates..
Navin said…
In Fact, I knew lot about US presidential candidates through this site, :)

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