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Born Genius - Extraordinarily Gifted child

Today, i'm posting something out of topic. My topic today is about very unique yet normal human beings. Someone truly has set a notion "Some are born Genius". And, i agree with that. I mean, these extraordinary human beings are none other than the people at their very early ages. I really really wonder how did they achieve such a talents which require ages/years of practice and dedication. For other, it's just a child's play but for child,a mere 6 years old kid himself/herself?? indeed for them too, it's a child's play either. And, when that happens, they usually draw attention of many and we start to think themselves as some gifted people, as some prodigies..

I'm featuring some 7 young talents from hundreds. They are very unique and you'd love to see them.

Chelsea, 6 years old is a great pianist. She doesn't need any notes to look at and play. Indeed an extremely talented girl.

Richard Sandrak,now 11 but, something unusual about this young man is that he started bodybuilding since the age of 6. Most probably, he's the youngest and the most strongest guy of his age in this world.
Richard Sandrak

Lucciano Pizzichini, 7 years old, this dude truly rocks. I loved watching this guy when he played a guitar. This 7 years old strumming guitar strings is unique because, no one of his age could concentrate on music and play guitar with that level of professionalism.
Lucciano Pizzichini

Akiana, 12 years old art prodigy whose paints are extraordinarily magnificent and it looks no way done by some 12 years. But that's true, it's her work and according to her, all of her arts are inspired by GOD. She adds, she have been through heaven and talked to god. Strange but true, because, I saw something strange on her art. Something very beautiful. And, i kind of believing her.

Kendali, 5 years old extraordinarily gifted drummer. Look at him, and you'll go 'oh my god'

Andrey Khlopin,just 10 years old and a great scientist. He tells us about the mystery of transcendent universe. No scientists exist today to tell us what is beyond the Universe but this little guy his own theory. Veteran scientists are shocked and amazed to learn about this theory.
Andrey Khlopin

Jonathan,12 years old violin prodigy. No more words left to admire them. Just amazing :)

Hats off to all of these great wonders, great talent!!!

PS: Do you want to download Youtube videos without third-party softwares??
click here


Webster Twelb said…
Amazing! Kids like this always amaze me.
waliz said…
yes navin,
they are a bunch of talented kids..not many have tht kind of gift at a very young age..!the parents must be very proud of them and i do hope whatever they do..remember they r still kids no matter what..hope they enjoy they chilhood ..:D
Nirab Pudasaini said…
ajkaal ko bachaa haru danger hunchaa .........
Navin said…
webster!!! same with me.. they are unique and i love seeing them for what they do.. wow
Navin said…
Waliz, you are so right!!!

Speed bro, tehi ta.. baccha haru ko k kura garney, yesto talent dekhi pachi ta aafu nai jillaraam.. ha ha ha.. :D
Nisha said…
Hi navin.. these kids are extremely talented and worth being talked about.Thanks to you for doing it!!

Btw ive written two lines about you in my blog, in the my special friends catagory:)someday i wish to post a review of your blog too!
Navin said…
Nisha, you liked those videos?? woww. me tooo.. i think everyone is liking these videos.. cos they are not normal videos..

and hey, thank your for your kind words.. i dunno how to pay you the gratitude for what you've written about me :)
Anonymous said…
Huney biruwa ko chillo pat
Navin said…
oh i was missing this exact idiom..

how about "
huney biruwa ko assadhai chillo paat"

yaya said…
wow, they got something that any other people dont have.

i love watching the Lucciano boy playing guitar, ohmygod he is so cute. i bet he will become a handsome man one day, and the Akiana girl have such an amazing talent.

i like this entry. heee.
Navin said…
Yaya, great.. they are just wonderful.. and yeah Lucciano is just magnificent
WaiKee said…
Among 7 video clip you had posted here. Most weird case was the Richard Sandrak, the 11 years old young man's body building... my gosh 11 years old just start growing... now he started body building I don't think he can continue growing of his height
Navin said…
Vickie, really?? well, i expect he has set a record as Youngest body builder ever. It's strange but i see no reason if this hampers his growth.
Anonymous said…
Children nowadays are amazing. Maybe their Mum ate soething when they're pregrant or plant something inside the embrio :-)
Navin said…
Ceara, lol.. :)

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