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Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) is organising the 14th Can Info Tech 2008 from January 29 to February 3 at the Birendra International Convention Centre (BICC).

At a press conference Friday, President of CAN Biplav Man Singh said that the event would contribute to highlight the importance of Information Technology (IT) and also generate widespread awareness regarding its benefits among the general masses.

Singh said that most of the countries were able to enhance the trade sector in the global market via the effective use of IT. 'We should adopt the new and latest IT which has immense potential to link the business and trade sector competitively in the international market," he added.

He said that Japan, Korea, India and other IT related company would participated at the event along with their own new and latest IT.

General Secretary of CAN Rajan Raj Pant said that more than 3,00,000 visitors were expected to visit the event.

A total 279 stalls are available at the exhibition where computer entrepreneurs, college and university, telecom and IT institute, mobile phone entrepreneurs will be exhibiting their own products and services, he said.

He said that the visitors are required to pay Rs 200 and Rs 50 in the business hour and public hour respectively but the students are required to pay only Rs 25 in the public hour.

Pant informed that the Ministry of Environment Science and Technology, High Level Commission of IT, Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Nepal Chamber of Commerce and international organisations are the copartners of the event.

Samsung and Nepal Telecom are the main sponsors of the event and Sunrise Bank, Shikhar Insurance, Le Meridian Resort, Kantipur Daily, Ujyalo Network, Prism International, Himalayan Beverage and White house College have agreed to back the event as official partners, he said.

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Anonymous said…
यो ब्लग कमाइ गरी खाने भाँडो(जती user आयो त्यती कमाइ हुने) हो वा team member ज्यादा भएर हो वा नविन जी को दिमाग चाडै कुदने भएर हो ? हरेक घण्टा घण्टामा नयाँ नयाँ post थपिइन्छ यार । किन हो ?
Navin said…
हा हा हा , weekend भएर हो मित्र . अरु त blogging को नशा नै लागेको छ . कमाई खाने भाडो भन्दा नशा भन्नु पर्ला की ? हा हा हा , धन्यबाद तपाई को कमेंट को लागि
Anonymous said…
यो नशा हो भने अली कम गर्नु पर्‍यो, हामी reader लाई कमसे कम एक हप्ताको को त time दिनुस् तपाईंको post राम्ररी पढ्ने । एउटा चिज राम्ररी खान पाको हुँदैन अर्को पस्किनु हुन्छ, vomit होला है नविन जी हामी reader लाई ज्यादा पस्किदा पस्किदा .. your each post is helping me a lot to know more about tech.Thnks for that.
Navin said…
Okay boss!!! I have to listen to my dear readers :)
And, Ametya Ji, your blog is one which I check regularly :)
Anonymous said…
Uh, You are just saying that you r being a regular viewer of my website. If that would be real, then i would get a comment to the post that I have written for you and your blog.I haven't got any response till yet for that post that I have written for mero guff and sex talk nepal.
Navin said…
Hi, Ametya Ji, I check your blog for new post and surely I did miss somewhere else I could've found one even after searching your blog for 20-25 minutes :)
Hope you wont mind pasting the link of your blog here :)
Anonymous said…

In "support them" section the link is, but i am feeling too odd this scratching only to show the post.
Navin said…
those two links showed 'no post' message..

in fact, I ran through your blog using every possible keyword to find any post related with my blog, but of no avail.

anyway, thanks for your words.. it seems something didn't save on your database :) .

I'll be always checking your blog for your contents :)
Nirab Pudasaini said…
hatti ayo hatti ayo fussa
sadhai testai ho can ..... khali bhid bhad .......

es pali ni herum kasto hola......
Navin said…
I'm having some kind of bad feelings.. this time something bad is going to happen at CAN Infotech .
Anonymous said…
This time also I visit to CAN with death heart anticipating optimism. But same as usual. I know started to think do CAN info tech worth more than hongkong market at " Pradhasani Isthal Bhrikuti Manda"?.
Navin said…
Anon, yeah, I came to learn same thing from my other readers too. That' way too bad. This tech show is getting worse day by day. Tech show is not like that in other country. They show the creativity and innovation. From my experience, CAN INFOTECH is just pulling money from innocent customers who have little knowledge on this regards :)

May be you'd like to see this article I wrote around a year before:

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