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Extra-ordinary moon from North Pole

Today, I was having a little chit-chat with my father and unconditionally he showed me one photo. The photo was like from some dreamland. I couldn't believe it. He told me that, that was how Moon looks from north pole. Upon asking more, he told me that his friend gave him the photo and he collected it as souvenir. I just couldn't believe. Because, I felt, if moon came that near to earth, then only God knows what would happen next. I've never ever seen the moon of that size and I've never been taught that moon would look that big from some part of the earth.

I searched on Internet and I found the exact photo(which is below). We all know that in North Pole, there sun never sets for whole 6 months. And, I found people writing that the following picture has been taken during the month of June in North Pole, where sun is getting ready to go down. And, that Magnificent view of Moon was captured. That was their views. Quite convincing!!
This is how moon looks from north pole during the month of June. Sun just setting below Moon..(click image for larger view)

But, somehow I managed to find that It wasn't real. Because, I spent few more minutes searching on Google out of disbelief and I got the real answer hidden deep within. has revealed the real truth behind this mysterious photo and the creator of this magnificent digital image is Inga Neilson, a german student. If you go and check his site, you'll find his other creations similar like this.

He was using Terragen(Terragen™ is capable of photorealistic results for professional landscape visualisation, special effects, art and recreation.),a computer software which can generate real lifelike digital terrain images.

I've used Terragen before and it's wonderful free software. You can grab the idea how to work with it within few minutes and start creating your own wonderful dreamlands. Followings are my Terragen images which I did few months ago. Not impressive but I tried.

If you are interested to use this software, Learn and Download here


Anonymous said…
I searched on Internet and I found the exact photo(which is below)....It shows that you are a good net(as well as google) searcher. Will you plz tell us how to be a good net surfer through an article so that we could search that particular thing that we are searching in a ease and quick manner......
Anonymous said…
They say the moon looks that big cause you have the horizon to compare it to.
Webster Twelb said…
I would've said it looks very photoshopped...

I can't find it in the shouldve said what that phenomenon is called.

Anyway, the picture is just breathtaking and i really do hope that one day (if ever that really happens) i'm gonna be able to see it..

and i wanna see the aurora borealis's also an amazing phenomena.
PRENA said…
Can't belive a program can do that!
Kasto ramro garnu bhako!
Really good
Navin said…
Hi Ametya Ji, I'll definitely post what I know about.. and will do that very soon :) Regards
Navin said…
It seems like Shawn and Webster didn't read the whole page by clicking 'read more..' link else the answer or say real truth was there :)

Hope you guys read next time :)
Navin said…
Prena, thanks :)
Webster Twelb said…
omg...i missed that part..i'm going to read it..sorry
Webster Twelb said… wasn't real...?

I'm so gonna hide forever...another humiliation for web..

lol..jk...i was
Navin said…
Webster, there is always something behind what you see :) ehehehe
Anonymous said…
yep,That's fantastic.
Anonymous said…
when i first had a glance on the post and saw that you believed it to be true i was shocked......i wondered was i wrong? cause i had seen it several months ago and i thought was total fake because moon can't be that big. but when i hit the read more and saw the full part of article then.................(chuckle) i came to know it was fake
Navin said…
Aaakar, sure it is :)

Lovsang, it's good to click that nasty
'Read more link' sometimes. Something different is inside always :) Keep rolling in bro.
Binay said…
I didn't know you could see the moon from the north pole :P assuming that the moon revolves around the equator
Navin said…
There would be apocalypse if Mooon would come that close.. imagine the Tidal waves growing , gravity of earth pulling moon towards earth.. oopps it's horrific to imagine..

It's just a fake concept lol :)
Anonymous said…
Very cool pic even if it's a phoney. The technology out there to make these types of images believable is pretty amazing (and scary). Thanks for sharing AND doing the research to find out the truth about it.
Navin said…
You are most welcome artisticvision.
Please keep visiting :)
Jonathan said…
How uneducated are you people? There is no land at the north pole, there is no open water (all ice pack), and in the summer the sun is never high in the sky, it loops all the way around, staying near the horizon, and therefore so does the moon.
Navin said…
Jonathan, did you read the whole article?
and, quickly coming into conclusion like that shows how 'educated' you are.

Welcome to my blog :)

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