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Google Operators List

Looking at Bittertruth bro's post about Google search i felt the itch to list all the operators i know. I hope this will be of some help to people who want to know further after reading the Navin bro's post.

Operators for Google Search

Used to search within a site. You can see deatils about this operator in Navin's post.

Used for searching cached version of a site. Details in Navin's post.

To search pages which point to specific URL. If you search then your results will show pages that contain the URL

filetype: or ext:
These two operators are use to search for specific file types. If you search for Nepalinux filetype:odt the search will show open office document containing Nepalinux

info: or id:
These are preety handy operator as you can search many information regarding a Website. If you search for then you will see results that include the cache of meroguff ,similar pages like meroguff, pages linking to meroguff and pages that contain

To search sites similar or realated to a specific site. For example will show sites related to

Used for searching pages that contain the searched text in hyperlink. If you search for "open suse" inanchor:daul-boot will search for pages that contain the term open suse and terms with daul-boot in hyperlink.

It displays result that contains the search term in the title. If you search for intitle:NEPAL it will display results which contain the term NEPAL in their title.

It displays result that contains the search term in the URL. If you search for inurl:guff it shows result which contains the term guff in their URL.

define: or define
It will show a definations of the searched term. define:adsense will show a list of possible definations for adsesne but define adsense will only show a single defination

This is another handy operator. It not only searches for the search term but also their synonyms. If you search for ~Job it will also search for terms that are synonyms of job.

Arthemetic operators(+, -, *, /, % of, ^ or **)
10+10 will give you 20
15-10 will give you 5
2*3 will give you 6
6/3 will give you 2
50% of 200 will give you 100
3^3 will give you 27
4**2 will give you 16
See Navin's post for more details.

Unit conversion
Google can also convert unit which has also been covered in detail by Navin bro.

Operators for Blogsearch
There are operators that can be used for searching blog.

Display blog results that contain the searched term in their title. If you search inblogtitle:youth then it will show results contaning blogs that has the term youth in their title.

You can search for post made by specific author. If you search for virginity inpostauthor:speed the results will show all post made by speed containing the term virginity in it.

It will search the blog whose URL is specified. If you search jokes the result will display pages from which contains the term jokes.

If you know any other operators feel free to share.

Thank you for reading!!!

Article by Nirab aka Speed


Anonymous said…
That's called the my one simple query abt to write an article abt google you wrote almost a book going deep n deep.This passion i think is the most strong thing of your life. Keep this passion till the end of life...I am too lazy ...euta kam ma ekchin man lagcha ani uf lazyness le pakadchha...give me some tip how to be so passionative ???? yaslai pani article through nai dine ki???

I think the girl with whom you love will be the most luckiest person as you will love her with your passion...Kaas ma keti bhako bhaye ke nai bigrintho hola ra ? hai navin ji..kamse kam tapailai line marna ta paaintho..haina ???just kidding....Thank you for going so deep..maile ta euta article matra mageko thiye..tapaile purai kitab nai lekhnu bho...tapaiko passion dekhera jealousy feel bhai raheko chha..
Navin said…
Ametya Ji, launa, this article is contributed by Speed. He's team blogger. People get confused if the article is by me, whereas, sometimes, gentlemen teamblogger like him too do contribute. Credit goes to Speed bro for this nice article.

Ametya Ji, hora?? khai.. aba tyo keti ley chahi k po sochney ho mero barey ma, thahai hunu parney baaki cha..

hay, thanks for the comment, please keep checking in, I was little distracted these days, due to some busy moments. regards Ametya Ji!!!
Anonymous said…
yep, i like this article by speed bro too..........i'd like to suggest some thing for ur blog or you can say it that it is a suggestion to make much better look.......
As I'm also used to same template and is using it since from jan 1 2008........As when I've used this template ....... I get some trouble with IE 6, so I've asked you for the template.....and You provide me......again thanks for it......And also,I've changed my background url imghost.........bcoz i've seen problem with imagesacs.....Yep, I'm unable to see google cached i've changed my img host bucket......and last time when i check ur blog meroguff in interntet explorer 6....I got some trouble.........your sidebar title is not seen, instead of this....i've seen imagsacs...logo...frog....So today I'm suggesting to change ur bkground url img host too......yep........or once see google'll be easy to see google cached if you have google toolbar....that's all.....
Nirab Pudasaini said…
humnn ....... haha
okies i worte that article .... just my contribution of few drops to this huge pool of information...... Hummn but credit does go to bt for allowing me to post as a guest poster in this wonderful blog .....

Humnn well ametya bro i am indeed sexy and full of passion .... Even though you said that to bt i will take it as a compliment to myself .....

Navin bro thank you for adding the footer but i guess it should be "Nirav aka Speed" or just "Speed".... i guess you did just ulta .......
Nirab Pudasaini said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Navin said…
Thank you for your concern Aakar bro, I already managed to solve the issue. Now, all the images are loaded on my own paid host. You are right, we can't depend upon such free host site for long.

and, pressing CTRL + F5 would do the magic if you are seeing the same old blog 'image not found' things on my blog. It force-refreshes and reloads the cache of your browser :)
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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