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Smart buyers buy at SAVEBUCKET

Hey, how much do you pay for any products in the market? Do you pay whatever it's labeled on products?? I've faced many awkward situations when I really wanted to buy something but didn't have enough money to spend on. Later, it's no where in the Market and while sitting on the couch one evening, I read news of low price sale of the same product. Moreover, (jeez), it's somewhere getting sold, not even in my nearest retail marketplace. You really gotta see my face at that time. My intention is not to presume that there are all people as unfortunate as me, however, if you are not seller, then the situation I've mentioned must have come through your life at one time. I bet on that.

With the advent of e-commerce technology, millions of people shop online. Many of them are paying just like the way, I've mentioned in above paragraph. Paying retail price. My focus is to let my readers know about how effective it would be if we get the same products at much much lower price without compromising on quality and feature.

Your key to smart buying is SAVEBUCKETS.CO.UK or you can just type SAVEBUCKETS.COM
It's same thing. When I write 'Smart buying' doesn't necessarily mean SAVEBUCKETS is selling things online. Nope, it's not selling anything, it's rather helping buyers like you and me to make an appropriate decisions and do smart shopping at lower price than of retails. SAVEBUCKETS.CO.UK brings all the companies,all the sellers at one place, it makes price comparisons and publishes the prices of product that we want to pay for. If you like one particular product, you've choices to make from which sellers you want to buy. There will be links to sellers, find your favorite seller and make your purchase online.

There are couple of things that I must not forget to mention. SAVEBUCKETS.CO.UK as a product comparison site has many exciting features. Two of them, which I liked most are:
My Price
Search Shops you know

My Price;
If you found something interesting product but don't have enough cash to shell out at that moment(which I faced many times before), 'My Price' allows you to stick to your budget when buying. Just enter your email address and the maximum amount you are prepared to pay against the product you've selected. They will then check the price of that product whenever a shop on their service(site) has changed the price and contact you by email when the price has reached or fallen beneath your maximum price with a link directly to that shop(seller).

This is lifesaver for buyers like me who don't have to face any awkward situations that I've mentioned in the early of this post. And, this 'MY PRICE' is always below the product of your interest to assist you. Isn't that cool?

And, another feature is "Search Shops you know".
This is a search box on their very first main page of the site. There are two options; Search all shops and Search Shops you know.
Search Shops you know

I'm particularly interested on this 'Search Shops you know' because most of the buyers, instinctively follow only the shops which are popular, favorites of many, where considerable number of buyers flocks in and out regularly. And, 'Search Shops you know' will show only those shops which are most visited or where most online purchases are made. Besides, there is no harm dealing with other shops too because you can get great bargains from these shops as well..

Few days ago, accidentally my brother's Sony Mp3 player got crushed under the car's wheel. I was looking for a substitute and guess what, I found arrays of mp3 players listed on SAVEBUCKET.CO.UK. I've never seen such cheap and best offers. He's gonna choose one from these. Besides,these guys have linked to so many products of our interests, they are as follows :
* Baby Products
* Body Care & Cosmetics
* Books
* Cars & Motorbikes
* Clothing
* Communication
* Computer Hardware
* Computer Services
* Computer Software
* Consumer Electronics
* Electronic Games
* Food, Drink & Tobacco
* Games & Gadgets
* Gifts
* Health & Wellbeing
* Home & Garden
* Music
* Office & School
* Sport & Leisure
* Tickets & Events
* Travel
* Video & DVD

In addition to that, they've safety guides while buying online. You can find Guide to buying Safely Online here.

And, what they are saying, you can actually listen to this audio link below:

Thank you for reading.


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