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Stormy weekend!!!

Santa Cruz,Bay Area, Jan 4,07
Never knew that electricity goes here too. There was a weather forecast approximately 4 days before letting people know about the rainstorm weekend.
And, as predicted it was a very upsetting weather since yesterday. But, today, whole day has been even more stormy, windy and showering rain than other days. In addition to that, light went out. Right now, I'm writing these words in the dark evening amidst the dim glow of candle. I never thought that light would go ever, particularly in country's like the US. But, no super power can stand tall in front of mother Nature.
I've been listening to radio whole day and came to know that wind was so strong. It was recorded 80 mph. It was also reported flooding, tree fall downs in other parts of the bay area from the place where I lived. Lots of highways are closed. Traffic obstructed and so. News also said 220,000 houses are out of power and I know life would halt here without electricity. Right now, I'm thinking how to manage cooking and I'm not even sure when the Power would come. Everything is uncertain for the time being.
Rainstorm through my Camera Lens
Few hours ago, when I heard on radio that rain had stopped momentarily , I could not help myself going to sea coast just to observe the high tides hitting hard on shores. Once, i reached there, Horizon seemed totally blocked with mist and fog. I couldn't extend my views far away. It was unclear, stormy weather with little bit drizzling. It was though the magnificent experience to witness the grey sea than the blue sea of other sunny days.

Somehow I managed to take a short clip of the day. Just wanted to share with my readers.
This clip(requires 512K broadband for smooth play) consists of two beaches, One Capitola and another one is Santa Cruz. When i actually took these clips, it was so windy, and so freaking to see those waves as if it's going to cover the entire coastal areas. I felt that while taking this clip on Capital Beach. Whereas, as for Santa Cruz beach, Sky seemed totally blended with ground. It's eerie feeling while i took those shots.

And, as I was listening to local Radio station in the evening covering disaster stories,i knew that it's one of the biggest storm of decades recorded ever since 1956.

PS: Finally, power came and am posting these words. Thanks lord!!!


WaiKee said…
Hey Navin, So Nepal used to have these stormy weather? luckily Malaysia doesn't have this kind of serious stormy weather... otherwise I couldn't online at all.
About your short clip, You don't afraid of Tsunami? When I see the your video clip, I will definitely run... because I really afraid of Tsunami
Navin said…
Hi Vickie,
not this bad, because, when i lived in Nepal, storm didn't hit this bad. But, here in Santa Cruz,California, it's very bad. Literally, many counties of California are badly hit.
You can't full around outside when Weather forecast warns you "don't go out". If i go, i would be flown away like a paper. Winds are very very strong here especially.
Still, i don't see any possibility of Tsunami to this area, because, scientists say that geographically Santa Cruz is not prone to Tsunami.
But yeah, yesterday's Storm did wreck havoc all around the bay area of California. Pretty bad for us. and i was out of connection for almost more than 24 hours :)

I spent my day only listening to radio. You couldn't imagine, how bore i got yesterday. No light, no Tv, no Internet, no hot water, no rice cooker, no oven, no microwave, nothing.. and more, i couldn't take a walk around so easily to kill my boredom. It's just like listen to radio and take action. Been a very bad weekend for me.
PRENA said…
Ohhhh that is why!
is it fine now or something gone wrong feri?
I reeeeeeeally want you to come online right now!
Kasto risuthne Prashant Tamang ko concert pani. Jhaou lagne.
Anyways I am hoping you will come online in the next few hours...
If there's something gone wrong again then I shall speak with you pachi.
Miss you lots np
Navin said…
hiiiiiiiiiii prenu,
how are youuuuuuuuuuuu
yeah, i think till Monday, weather is not going to be fine according to weather forecast.and it's still rainstorm outside, lucky me, Power is not OUt now..

and, what happened to Prashant tamang concert.. pheri.. tell me.. okie???

see ya soon.. i'll wait for you to come online. :)
doorlight said…
Philippines always gets typhoons too!! :P
Unknown said…
This has probably been the biggest storm I have seen in the Bay Area since 2004. In 2005 we had some snow in the nearby mountains and large hail, lightning, and high winds. This storm though, has been full of wind and rain, and huge ocean swells. I believe the swells were as large as 30 feet (9 meters) and the winds were 80 mph (129 km per hour). Ever since I was a kid here in California there have been power outages. Usually they would happen from heat, not from storms.

Your blog is great, it is interesting to read about the storm from a different perspective.

Navin said…
Hi Rossta, thank you for letting us know about the statistics. and I really appreciate your kind words.
I actually, want to see the swells but i guess that's not safe. :)
have a good day Ross
Navin said…
doorlight, oh that's pretty bad then..may be you are just so close to sea where weather keeps changing radically. Be Safe
Anonymous said…
Your video is really beautiful - but I am glad you are safe and everything is okay! :)
Navin said…
Thank you for your kind words TAY. i really appreciate that..
Anonymous said…
Hard to find such a blogger who really care his each reader. The each comment posted by reader have gotten response from the author. Nice to see such a good and nice hearted blogger from our Nepal.Even my all 3 comments(having the same thing, due to disturbance in net) were approved. I am really pleased that this blogger is not a KUIRE rather a Nepali.I am being your regular viewer and hope It will be my No.1 blogsite that i have ever seen.
Navin said…
Thank you very much Ametya Ji, your comments have been really inspiring to me and i really really appreciate them from my heart.

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