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Blogging ethics

Somewhere on my other blog , I tried to describe a blog as , "Blogs are internet-based journals or simple abbreviated form of web-log. Some blogs are private only viewable to selected readers, mine is public. Anyone can read or more importantly register and contribute their own ideas and views." Now, if you have cared to read this comic above, then you might have guessed, what am I writing about. It's written somewhere that every 3 seconds, a new blog comes into existence to this jumbled up wired world, and at the same ratio, blog dies too. So, it's no more a big deal to setup a blog. Looking at the comic strip above, is that the real intention of blogging?? Sad but true, bloggers have come up with this different idea. They're sort of deliberately writing things against companies which could possibly hinder the reputation and growth too. These people are not blogging in true sense, even if they are making a blog post, they are writing contents which are driven by

The Dial up Place - Why to opt for Dial up connection?

Few days ago, I wrote a post about how to figure out Internet Speed. I kind of wrote nice things about high speed broadband connection. But there are people who still use Dial-up. My intention was in no way to discourage the use of dial-up. Dial-up still rocks and it is still serving the internet users. One of my blogger friend Mike wrote me that he lives somewhere in NewYork and he still uses Dial-up. That was the moment, I felt dial-up is still the viable option for many. It has nothing to do with how much you can afford or not. It's the service that matters you, it's the moment when the service is available to you or not, that matters you. And, so when broadband service providers don't care much about the people living in rural areas, other alternatives work and dial up internet providers play important role in such cases. Obviously, broadband connection is the trend but what if you are using internet just for an email and you spend just 10-15 minutes a day online to - Search People Online

Searching people online for information was a messed up experience and irrevelant results were the most which annoyed me. May be lots of other also have felt that way. This was unless I found Spock . Spock is a free people search engine. Search people by name and email, location or even by tag, it's one easy task. In addition to that, to take how it looks and feels, I personally signed up an account and found couple of things which amazed me. The results were relevant,accurate and broad. It's not just like another search engine on people which is someway limited to certain area and so. I made couple of searches of my choice and it gave me the precise information that I've been looking for. Thinking google and wiki would do that job would be lamest assumption because, what google does is indexing pages based on keywords,tops the result based on hits and wiki covers the details about only and only popular people and things. You try writing a wiki on you or your project which

What is your Internet Connection Type??

Today, me and my brother had little discussion about Internet and I enjoyed that because, it's after long time, could be years that he came up with a question which really made feel 'wow,.. this is discussion'. Well, He asked me : 'What is our Internet speed?' and 'Why your laptop has slow internet connection than the desktop I sit on?' Before, I answered those questions straight away, I thought it's time to act like GURU(ehehe, just kidding) and give him some divine knowledge on how Internet works. Though I'm not an Internet Guru, I do have basic understanding on those things and I ended up giving him all the things that he needed to know. I started with, 'How many types of connections are available?' and then I went on like: There are actually from slow to high speed internet connection depending upon the service providers and technology being used and these days service providers have one name, 'Broadband' but categorically, we can

Israeli Restaurants using digitial e-menu

The following video shows that the restaurant in Israel is using a digital form of menu,called e-menu technology. This system is very innovative,new and looks quite convincing. It seems, touch screen technology is going to hit big screen soon. Till date it's just limited to pocket screen and some low sized monitors attached to big machines. Similar technology from Microsoft called Surface is making debut this year too,sounds pretty convincing.

WayBack Machine is

I'm kind of overwhelmed by the broader technologies ever being introduced every single moment. Sometimes, I feel it's too much and while relaxing, when I gaze at my empty ceiling, I ponder upon the wonderful feelings of those days when everything was so new, so simple, when Internet was just about to get explode. Back in those days, when Internet is all about only and only HTML. It was great attempt to show my friends how I linked a mere page to another page full with unstructured display of images. Everything was so simple yet so hard to learn. Things are different now. Everything is dynamic, innumerous technologies are there to back today's connected world. See the pics below, that's how Yahoo looked exactly in the month of Nov, 1996. Yahoo had it's user database and interface all in html language. No complex scripts at all., 1996 The objective of this post is to discuss about one site which is taking snapshots of history in digital formats. The above s

Home Remedy Treatments for Sore Throat

Try heading a a sore throat off at the pass at the onset of a cold. Trying to avoid getting a sore throat may help lessen its effect or prevent it entirely. Try the following home remedies to keep a sore throat at bay: Keep your nasal passages clear. Doctors agree that two of the most common causes of sore-throat pain are postnasal drip and a dry throat that results from sleeping with your mouth open when your nasal passages are blocked. Decongestants, especially those containing pseudoephedrine (read package labels), may be helpful in stopping the flow; follow package directions carefully. Using saline nasal spray can help make breathing easier promptly though temporarily, and it's probably worth investing in a humidifier to run in your bedroom at night. Rest and take it easy . Common sense dictates staying in bed or at least resting when a sore throat's got you down. Taking it easy leaves more energy to fight the infection. If your sore throat doesn't require medical atte

Get your $20 Now FREE

Neither I'm referring anyone to any Affiliate links nor I want anyone to sign up for some lousy sites to get commission. It's just one millionaire guy who is sharing his $100,000 dollars to bloggers around the globe dividable by $20 to each person. So, be one of those 5000 chosen person. Link: Get Your $20 Thanks for trying this thing out!!!

Total Comedy Central

Just a relevant Parody. Hillary and OBAMA - UMBRELLA 'parody' I got a crush on OBAMA If you liked these two videos above, there are more on different categories on YourDailyShow.Com is one of the nice comedy portal on web. Lots of parody and humorous videos to watch at. I'm kind of addicted to it. It's just I'm writing about it now at this moment. If you've high speed connection, passing some free time at is fun. Don't need to spend a penny, just visit and watch all the parodies and other comic videos for fun and free. Thanks for reading.

Repository of useful softwares and tools

Just found a site where you can download over 50,000 freewares and sharewares. They are nicely categorized, so it's easy to get softwares you need. Followings are the categories that you can search your favorite softwares from: -Antivirus & Spyware Cleaners -Desktop Enhancements -Home & Education -MP3 Audio Video -Photo & Graphic -Servers -System Utilities -Business & Finance -Games -Internet -Network tools -Security -Software Development -Web Authoring Click here for Free Download 50000+ Freeware Shareware NOW. Thank you for reading

Digital Framez : Marketplace of Digital photo frames

Did you know or have you heard of something like Digital Photo Frame existed ever? If you are techie by instinct, then may be you've heard of them or may be couple of them is in your room but if not, you can buy one from What is Digital Photo Frame ? Simple, it's much more dynamic and brilliant than conventional photo frame. You can have thousands of photos stored in memory card, have them display in regular intervals or customize them when to display or not. It's all upon you. You are the decision maker. If you love taking pictures and tired of printing them and enclosing them inside normal photo frame, then you'd have noticed how much time and money it would take. If you want to put new photo on the frame, consider the manual effort and printing charge everytime you do so. These days, people are almost using everything digital. Lets say, old SLR manual cameras are superseded by more easy and useful Digital cameras. Everyone is

What happens when people take Technology for Granted??

As I predicted in one of my post at another blog of mine , some celebrity's career is doomed. Its quite unusual but speculations are at rise, " In America,SEX TAPES help your career", but in HongKong?? no way. Some remarked it as 9/11 for HongKong Entertainment Industry . The effect of devastation is so immense that producers and companies are setting mind to ditch all those who were involved in public disclosure of sexual acts and scandal. The irony is most of them are HongKong's popular celebrities. What happened was, one man's mistake caused an effect of parallel fall down of bricks all the way, compromising other's careers too. I'm talking about Edison Chen, who slept with almost all female celebrities of Hongkong and his photographs and videos of sexual activities got leaked. It got leaked because he took technology as granted. If you want to know about this story, click here to read. Thank you for reading!!! Related links: How to recover del

Blu-ray Vs HD DVD : Which way to Go??

Blu-ray and HD DVD, they are the new standard names for the storage media. After, storage capacity of 650 MB on CDs, standard 4 GB DVD's are hugely popular and have become standard for backing up your digital contents. There are 8 GB Dual Layer DVD's too but It's very hard to find here near my locals. It's America and I couldn't find one at all the big stores like Circuit City, WalMart, Staples etc. I don't know why they are not widely available but sure enough, there could be some compatibility issues. Now, the next generation of storage Media is either Blu-ray or HD DVD. Blu-Ray medias are backed by Sony Corporation and has been incorporated already on the Playstation 3. Whereas HD DVD's are backed by Toshiba company and these medias are already used on XBOX 360(with that written, MS also has been backing up this). Storage-wise Blu-Ray holds more data of about 25 GB than of HD DVD's 15 GB. It's obvious, and if somebody asks 'Would you go for Bl

This weekend on Lake Tahoe and Nevada

These few days, I have been busy(sorry, I couldn't post so frequent) because, I went for long drive with my family. It was fun-filled,thrilled trip to approximately 400 miles away from the place we live. (src:googleMap) Santa cruz to Lake Tahoe Map It took almost 8 hours(including occasional rest and eating on the way) from Santa Cruz to northern California, precisely the Reno City of Nevada. Actually, our destination was Lake Tahoe(which is just 2 hours from RENO,NV) but we stopped by farther to RENO city where we took couple of rooms to spend a night. After a long day drive, later in the evening we were gambling in the nearest Casinos of Reno City. This first day was really tiresome for us, still, we managed to keep ourselves moving and enjoy the moment out there. Reno city is the beautiful northern city of Nevada and the downtown was fabulous. Lots of beautiful places to drop by. There was everything for everyone. For bachelor men, there were cabaret clubs like WILD ORCHID and

What's going on with my blog??

I'm not drunk but writing something like sort of. Did you check the poll that I've put(ahmm at the top middle of this blog)?? Who's going to Win, Democrat or Republican? Wait.. if you are thinking of giving damn care about the politics,then i've no words. but if you are concerned because, even if you don't live in US, and think this change in US leadership will have global effect, then you are right. So, who's gonna win?? Right now, DEMOCRATS are ahead of Republicans according to the poll running on this blog. Lets have some poll running on this blog. It's just 2 secs to poll. Hey, few weeks ago, one Italian friend showed up and took my online Interview regarding my blog. If you are wondering what this blog all about and interview, then here is the LINK IF YOU LIKE TO READ. And thanks to another friend, featuring my blog on hers. I'm on "5 featured blogs of the day". Here is the LINK IF YOU LIKE TO READ. This is not an usual post but being bi

SITE HOPPIN - Hop your favorite sites

Okay, here is the cool way to surf internet pages. "SITE HOPPIN" SITE HOPPIN?? what's that?? Go to , and you'll see something like below at the top Navigational bar of their page. and start clicking the SITE HOPPIN Button!!! Once you click the SITEHOPPIN button, a random page will appear from their indexed list. What's the big deal?? waitt.. I've not finished writing yet (egegege) ummm, don't get offended by the site's theme, it's all about beer and getting drunk and you'll most often see the 5 star ratings graphically symbolized by 5 tiny beer bottles. So, that's how you rate a site you hop into randomly. If you like the site, give it 1,2 ..4 or 5 bottle of rating. Normally, it's 5 ratings everywhere, so 5 bottles. SO, that's rating bar okie? Now, lets operate into more details about what SITEHOPPIN is all about. As you might have guessed, SITEHOPPIN lets you hop to different site very easily and cool way: *Y

Photo FUN II

Last year on May,2007, I posted a series of photo showing the risk and consequences of putting digital images online . This time, same series is continued but with more additions. Hope this will bring some fun to your stressful day. (Just for fun) The followings manipulations are more hilarious!!!

" BT Home IT Support "- Get IT support from HOME

Technology is over-growing and all the gizmos/jargons that it brings are even more astounding and over-whelming for many. For many, it's hard to keep up with the advancing technology and it's utility. Without knowing a much about the latest technology, we do use them. Because, every business, every firm, service has to accustom with latest technology sooner or later, for productivity and swiftness. This goes with every household too. Personally, I don't want to remain left when I see people embracing latest technology or when we're introduced with latest one. With the introduction of everything new, they have their own intricacies. Lets say, Wireless Internet connectivity. Wireless Connection is not that old technology, it's now being rapidly used all over the world. Old concepts of wired connectivity is slowly getting superseded with wireless connectivity. As I wrote before, it has it's own Intricacies. If you were flexible enough with CAT cable networking, n

XoftSpy SE - Annihilate all malware/spywares from your PC

XoftSpy SE, leading Spyware Remover from ParetoLogic is perfect solution for all kind of spywares and malwares. No browser hi-jackers,malwares,malicious scripts,spywares,keyloggers can skip from it's leading Spyware detection technology. So, all the downloaders who download stuff from internet must keep this utility running on their computer. Needless to say, but some of the symptoms you may have like as follows: - Slowdown of your PC - Frequent Pop-ups even when you are not surfing - Browser hang-ups(due to browser-hijackers) - Information leak - Rise in Unsolicited mails and offers - and lot more.. These are the things you may feel, there are other things, which might go unnoticed. That's very dangerous. Spyware allows advertisers to record your surfing habits and the sites you visit, personal information, in the wrong hands, can leave you a victim of "identity theft" by stealing your credit card details and other confidential information. Some features of XoftS - The charitable search Engine with a Cause

Few days back, I met Rasna on I got a brief chance to chat with her through Stumbleupon. Actually, she had her website like and as an instinct of stumbler I checked her site. I found it was some sort of search engine in the market and as I was checking it's content, I felt I should write about it. is not an ordinary search engine. It's a search engine whose main objective is to donate it's 100% revenue to those organizations who work on behalf of poor or needy people and society. Rasna told me she works for this non-profit company in Kathmandu. doesn't use it's own proprietary search engine because, it's not much of smartness to invest upon one when there are already big fishes like Google,MSN and Yahoo in the search engine business. That's why and how a German Christian Kroll founded this organization(headquartered in Germany) partnering with Google and using it's search technology. And he's g

Are you MALE or FEMALE??

Are you male or female ? I'm going to find that out and to find out the answer, look down ... Look down, not scroll down If you just scrolled down then, it proves that we have become too dependent on our computers. Anyway, never mind related link:

Time to show my appreciation

I'm glad to be the part of blogosphere(it is a newly defined term which means bloggers community where bloggers are interconnected to each other in someway). I don't care if I've earned a money or not off my blog but I do care that I've earned wonderful friends. My friends mean a lot to me. And, this post is entirely dedicated to my contemporary blogger friends. I should've done this post long time ago, but anyways, it's better late than never. I know this type of post is called MeMe or Tagging bloggers in general term. But I just don't want to name this post that way, though I'm enlisting my contemporaries in this post. First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your kind and generous attitude towards me that you've developed after reading my blog. I really appreciate that deeply and I also want to show my appreciation to all of those silent readers, who are just unread in anywhere of my blog but still show up to read something in here. Because, my st

What do you think about this?

I am posting something different than the info-tech. The reason I'm going offbeat is because, lots of my readers don't want me to exasperate them by writing always on and on only things about tech. Yeah, As I wrote in my earlier post, I've started writing for my friends and readers too. This post is very strange because, what you are going to see is something unusual, something you dare not think about that easily. More pictures follow below which are really weird but true. So, what do you think of these pictures? Have your say please .

The Husband

Sharon Clark will never forget the day she met Giovanni Vigliotto. She was working in Indiana, as the manager of a large flea market. Early one morning, he walked into her office. "I'd like to rent some space at the flea market, " he said. "I have a lot of used things to sell -- furniture, pots and pans, dishes, lamps, clothes. Do you have any space?" "Yes, I do, " she answered. When the flea market closed at the end of the day, Giovanni invited Sharon to have dinner with him. She was 43 years old, divorced, and a little lonely. She said yes. For the next four months, Sharon saw Giovanni often. He was not a handsome man--he was short and heavy, and he had a big nose. But he was intelligent, polite, and kind. She fell in love with him. "Marry me," Giovanni said. Sharon thought it over. Her mind told her, "Don't do it. You don't know him well enough." But her heart told her ,"Do it. Take a chance." Sharon listen

My Must-haves list for a PC

To put computer in Top-notch condition, we must sometime take help of extra softwares or updated version of drivers. This assures that computer will run efficiently all the times. So, I sort-listed best must-haves for any computer running windows operating system. Followings are the must-haves recommended by MeroGuff. NVIDIA ForceWare 169.32 Windows XP/Vista Drivers: These drivers are far more superior than the one that is provided in Graphics card's driver CD. So, if you've GPU based on nVidia Chipset, always use Forceware drivers. ATI Catalyst Drivers Windows XP/Vista: For latest updates/downloads on ATI card drivers, click here AutoPatcher is a thirdparty software which loads Microsoft operating system with necessary security fixes and add-ons for extra usability. I came to learn that is currently facing issues with Microsoft but lets hope for the best and g

My blog in retrospect

February, well, the month of love as we all know and I still remember the chilly month of February when I first fell in love with blogging. I don't know what inspired me to blog but one thing is for sure. That is, I started blogging to keep log of my favourite knowledge that I came across, the knowledge that I was so intoxicated with and liked so much that I wanted to preserve for future reference. Seriously, I did blogging to keep log of something important that I noticed so that I wouldn't have to go back to home,flip pages of my notebook to refresh my memory. I wanted to have it available whereever I go and the blogging was the perfect platform for me then. I'm proud I did start blogging. I worked as computer technician and I solved people's computer problems. Sometimes, I learned unique way to solve peoples problem, sometimes, I learned some new and nice tricks to address the problem, and as soon as I found out that, I made a post and kept it online,shared it with w