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Bravo! Entrecard!!!

Entrecard!!! ummmm.. what is Entrecard if you are new to Entrecard,wondering what the heck it is and just about to scratch your scaly skull trying to figure out, then STOP!! I've dedicated a post regarding Entrecard. Here it is , please have a look at it before you scratch your head.

Today, as a daily chore, I was just checking Entrecard dashboard and there I started scratching my scaly skull( and within 3 seconds, I figured out what has happened there.

Those Entrecard programmers at the backend have come up with great features.

Number 1: Entrecard Inbox

Entrecard Inbox where usually list of card droppers show up, has gone to the top,just below the dashboard navigation bar,nicely sitting as a meditating monk. It was there on the right side of the screen before,but now, it's up. Cool

If you touch one of the card of entrecard droppers with your mouse cursor, it'll slightly open up giving us maximized view of the card as if it's just slightly opened its closed eyes from meditation.

Whatever, it's a cool feature and I can have 15 recent droppers to check on.

Number 2: NEWS FEED

There are many nice blogs out there and I'm pretty much sure many of the Entrecard users have favored many of their favorite blogs. Now, with this cool feature, Entrecard users can have information on what their favorite bloggers are upto lately. It's News feed of your favorite bloggers and you can even subscribe to it using RSS aggregators. Isn't that cool? You'll be informed all the time quickly.

Number 3: DROP RANK

Just an irrelevant talk,I don't know how many of you are forum users. If you've used some forums based on PHPBB, then you surely know how the posters are ranked there. Top posters are given special tag and rank and new posters are just given disgustly looking rank.

In the similar way, Entrecard has introduced 'DROP RANK' feature. More you drop, more your rank become macho and terrifically enticing(eg. 'Deadly serious Drop Master'.. ahem nope, not a kungfu master geej..). So, Entrecard profile is going to reveal now on, how is he/she performing. That's good feature and I'm sure, this will encourage idle Entrecard user to become active more and more. So, that's good point,because nobody wants to look like a lazy bastard on the couch after all.

Thats it folks!!(like old bugs bunny ending..ho ho ho ho)

Entrecard is cool, if you want some, come get some. Try it guys. It'll generate decent traffics to your blogs.


waliz said…
i heard a lot about entrecard and i found out some of my friends already have one...i'm thinking to get one for myself...:D
Navin said…
waliz , sure, it's great. Try it waliz :)

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