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The Dial up Place - Why to opt for Dial up connection?

Few days ago, I wrote a post about how to figure out Internet Speed. I kind of wrote nice things about high speed broadband connection. But there are people who still use Dial-up. My intention was in no way to discourage the use of dial-up. Dial-up still rocks and it is still serving the internet users. One of my blogger friend Mike wrote me that he lives somewhere in NewYork and he still uses Dial-up. That was the moment, I felt dial-up is still the viable option for many. It has nothing to do with how much you can afford or not. It's the service that matters you, it's the moment when the service is available to you or not, that matters you. And, so when broadband service providers don't care much about the people living in rural areas, other alternatives work and dial up internet providers play important role in such cases.

Obviously, broadband connection is the trend but what if you are using internet just for an email and you spend just 10-15 minutes a day online to check some news and so. Is it a wise decision to spend $40-$50 per month for broadband service when you can have the same purpose served with another cheaper alternative like dial-up internet connection for nearly $5-$6 a month?

The reasons you should opt for dial-up:
-when there is no broadband service around
-when you don't use internet much but spend mere 10-15 minutes a day to check email and some news
-when you want to have alternative connection, just in case your another connections give up at times due to uncertain technical problems,

I found a site known as 'The Dial Up Place' which connects all the dial up internet providers in one place and you can actually have a choice to make selection from those service providers.

AOL, AT&T,, Concentric,, Earthlink, NetZero/Juno, PeoplePC, are some of the dial up internet providers listed on that site and providing great services to consumers. Dial-up is not yet obsolete. It dawned on me when my friend Mike told me he is still using Dial Up connection.

The layout of the site didn't impress me much but their intention and the cause would surely sparks the interests of anyone to use dial up internet.


Anonymous said…
In this year 2008, without Internet connection is suffer.Anyway quite shock that you had a friend still using Dial-up connection in united states @@
Mike said…
Hello! The funny thing is that I have made 16 blogs with a dial-up. But it took me forever what someone probably could have done in a few months.
I always fell into the rule that if it works don't fool around with it. I have a lot of paitence also from using my 28.8 modem in 1996 all the time. I believe 50% still have dial-up here in US.
Navin said…
Vickie, it's true, good old dialup is still being used


as Mike said, more than 50% people uses dial-up, quite an astonishing stat.

Mike's blogs are the real sensible blogs, I can relate myself to his posts a lot for sure. :)
Guest said…
Hackers also give preference to dial-up connection for hacking stuffs, because it uses dynamic IP addresses, which keeps changing every time when we connect to internet.
Navin said…
Sameer bro, wow, that's added benefit of Dial-up for sure, having dynamic IP in most cases, it's useful

but didn't know Hackers use mostly dialup conn to hack.. great info to learn about. :)

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