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SITE HOPPIN - Hop your favorite sites

Okay, here is the cool way to surf internet pages. "SITE HOPPIN"

SITE HOPPIN?? what's that??
Go to , and you'll see something like below at the top Navigational bar of their page.
and start clicking the SITE HOPPIN Button!!!

Once you click the SITEHOPPIN button, a random page will appear from their indexed list. What's the big deal?? waitt.. I've not finished writing yet (egegege)

ummm, don't get offended by the site's theme, it's all about beer and getting drunk and you'll most often see the 5 star ratings graphically symbolized by 5 tiny beer bottles. So, that's how you rate a site you hop into randomly. If you like the site, give it 1,2 ..4 or 5 bottle of rating. Normally, it's 5 ratings everywhere, so 5 bottles. SO, that's rating bar okie?

Now, lets operate into more details about what SITEHOPPIN is all about. As you might have guessed, SITEHOPPIN lets you hop to different site very easily and cool way:

*You see 5 beer bottles up, You know it
**You see "TALK" bubble up there, click it and say(write) something about the site((if you like) you come across using SiteHoppin.
*** "Tag" is all about tagging your favorite site, but this needs you to register on their site.
**** 'MENU' bubble up there is pretty enticing, check it yourself
***** If you want to be absolute about particular subject, select the category(I selected 'COMIC' as category) and hit SITEHOPPIN button. That's it.

So, this is the basic information about the SITEHOPPIN. And, the results you get are even more awesome. Just try it for once, if you don't like, tell me. Cos, lately when I checked on his site, 1450 something guests were hopping and some 24 registered users. It's popular even more than some warez sites. Lol just kidding.

Now, lets take a peep into another funny side of this(sitehoppin).
Check this video below:

how to touch your nose with your lips

SiteHoppin’ hops over 600K hits!

SiteHoppin Gets Over 600K Hits Yesterday!!! - video powered by Metacafe

This guy who seems like the owner of SiteHoppin takes a sip and everytime he does that, he comes up with more ideas. GET DRUNK and hop the sites. Very Hilarious!!

for more, check below:

I recommend to check his videos if you want some dead serious fun :)


Webster Twelb said…
I got a couple of people coming in my blog via sitehoppn' and i think in some ways i do know something about it.
Navin said…
oh..he must be the same guy.. hahahahaha
NKM said…
started hoppin!

I am located at:
Is n't that COOOOOOOL?
Navin said…
Mitjyu, good lord, you are there.. ehehe.. good to see you there.. and it's wayyyy coooool.. you are right :)

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