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Searching people online for information was a messed up experience and irrevelant results were the most which annoyed me. May be lots of other also have felt that way. This was unless I found Spock.

Spock is a free people search engine. Search people by name and email, location or even by tag, it's one easy task. In addition to that, to take how it looks and feels, I personally signed up an account and found couple of things which amazed me. The results were relevant,accurate and broad. It's not just like another search engine on people which is someway limited to certain area and so. I made couple of searches of my choice and it gave me the precise information that I've been looking for.

Thinking google and wiki would do that job would be lamest assumption because, what google does is indexing pages based on keywords,tops the result based on hits and wiki covers the details about only and only popular people and things. You try writing a wiki on you or your project which is not popular, your wiki will be deleted within few seconds. Reason?? It's because you are not popular. They are not for all. Spock is for everyone like you and me and it's not limited to certain region or country. One can virtually find old friends,relatives and related information at it's search results which can make anyone forget about other search engines. The uniqueness of this people search engine is it's preciseness and organization of the information. One will get what he's looking for, not a junk information at all. On top of that, one can search people by
name,email,location or even by tag. - A Great Place for Search

Searches made on Social network sites to find people are limited to it's only database, Spock is not. Spock goes beyond that limit. The beauty of this engine is the tags which show up on results which help you decide quickly if that is the information you are sought after.
Search result with 'tags'

Personally, helped me with the searches I made. I searched on 'Prachanda' and it gave me the overall idea of who he's with the help of tags. Similarly, I searched on my favorite singer 'Elvis Presley' and believe me, I found something new about him and his family. No more bloated information, it gives us what we need to know quickly. Elsewhere, one has to go through painful revision of informations he/she is reading.

If you think your information is not listed(which is rare) or needs to be corrected, help yourself, sign up, make a quick edit, upload one of your best pictures and rest is with them. Your excellent profile would be there for world to see whoever make searches on your name or information.


Nirab Pudasaini said…
I tried searching my own name ....... and seem likes only place with my name is Google groups ;) ...... humnn i also tried searching few old friends of school and seems like they dont have online presence
Navin said…
Yeah, thats true bro, some people never have their profile on internet, we can't help on that case..
They don't even have a word dropped somewhere online..

so, it's hard to see them online.

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