Saturday, February 23, 2008

Total Comedy Central

Just a relevant Parody.

Hillary and OBAMA - UMBRELLA 'parody'

I got a crush on OBAMA

If you liked these two videos above, there are more on different categories on YourDailyShow.Com is one of the nice comedy portal on web. Lots of parody and humorous videos to watch at. I'm kind of addicted to it. It's just I'm writing about it now at this moment. If you've high speed connection, passing some free time at is fun. Don't need to spend a penny, just visit and watch all the parodies and other comic videos for fun and free.

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PRENA said...

Hahahahha! Really funny!
I had watched the second one few months ago, but never seen the Umbrella one! Haha!

Obama is sooo going to win!

Navin said...

if you are interested to see more, why not check out
there are more funny videos.. egegege

Anonymous said...

i also like website. Its amazing they have huge collection of videos and updated system of articles of my query as well.

Nice videos on Obama and hillary. Dont forget to check out the Nude section as well lolz .. its amazing.


Navin said...

Adam, we're on same boat :)

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