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What do you think about this?

I am posting something different than the info-tech. The reason I'm going offbeat is because, lots of my readers don't want me to exasperate them by writing always on and on only things about tech. Yeah, As I wrote in my earlier post, I've started writing for my friends and readers too.

This post is very strange because, what you are going to see is something unusual, something you dare not think about that easily.

More pictures follow below which are really weird but true.

So, what do you think of these pictures? Have your say please .


PRENA said…
OMG This is sooo WRONG!
Ewww what are they thinking doing that! OMG!
Little children thesedays...
Bigri sakecha.
OMG, this is so shameful! God, tyo pani BAIRA!
Soooooo absolutely totally completely metally physically WRONG!
Hai Navin? hehe
Anonymous said…
it's most likely that they saw an older sister/brother/cousin or even the parents doing that and just follows.
TV and mass media has numbed the world to this sort of thing. They just mimicked what they saw somewhere.
Hopefully they never saw and try to mimic Hostel or Saw.
Navin said…
Prena, yeah, you are right, the moment I saw this, I felt the time has really changed. really

When I was of their age, I didn't know about what kissing and sex all about. But, looking at these kids, i'm stunned and their postures surely reminded that they are imitating some sort of activities that they've seen.

Kids are good imitaters, by the way, :)
Navin said…
raymondm, ummm.. you are absolutely right, actually, I was thinking the same thing.. and Hostel/Saw.. gosh, parents shouldn't let their kids watch such movies..

But did you know, in Nepal, many years ago, a brother imitated a part of act where people sacrifice their goats in temple during festival "DASHAIN". Irony, the brother sacrificed his own brother with 'Khukuri'(Nepalese Knife which is huge than conventional knife we've in western society). That story was about imitating some bad things.
Anonymous said…
I can't say anything abt it because my cheeks are feeling some kind of hot and red sorry
MangalMan said…
ke ho yesto!!!!! May be the photographer is the man behind this whole thing.Like making them pose in that way?????

Work of some pedofile????
I don't think they did it on there own!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Don't have to say is saying everything.........but our world is going to face a great problem very soon.....thats all !!!
Anonymous said…
THANK GOD you posted the picture... i just post an article that says "Are Teens Today Being Influenced in a Bad Way?" And this is one of the proves! although mangalman had a point there, it could be the photographer is the one who responsible to that sicko $%^&*# doin' some pretty silly #$%^&*#

And when you said ... ...parents shouldn't let their kids watch such movies... ... up there, i knew it TV's and movies bad influences has reached into even younger children

How come we posted such a related article ? weird... (^^,)

Navin said…
Ametya Ji, sorry for that. I just tried to show something weird to let people know about different culture developing.

MangalMan bro, I think same but I stop when I look at them and they look natural performer :)

Aakar bro, exactly, where are we going now, I don't know, 12 years giving birth, 60 years giving birth, strange but that's happening.

Trish, may be that's coincidence :) and, sorry for confusing you at first by giving wrong URL.
Anonymous said…
Now i am feeling comfortable to give some comments.... I don't think the above picture contains love scence..totally lust type of kissing...They r doing in adult manner..look in the 4th n 6th picture the boy's hand is in the girl's pant..what does this indicate ? They r doing the same as the media blame for this to media..not for the adults..because it's right for adults to live sex life but it's not the right of media to publish it in undisciplaned manner..Childs are copying maximally from media not from the adults only....
Webster Twelb said…
SICK! SICK! SICK! SICK! Is this real?
waliz said…
OMG..where do this kid learn all this? from tv, adults or parents?
something is wrong somewhere in our society...they still kid for god sake!
Navin said…
Ametya Ji, Exactly.. I agree on that.

Webster, I need to know what you think :) besides, it's somewhat unusual, somewhat sick.

Waliz, that's where my concern is all about
Webster Twelb said…
Well, first of all i really think it was sick!

2 things occurred to my mind when i saw the pictures.

This kids must be watching to much tv or they probably saw it done by grown-ups.

That some psycho crazy adult made them do this in exchange for some candies.
Last week or was it last kast week..

Some kids were playing House. There 4 of them, 3 boys and a girl. The boys ages ranges from 9 to 12 and the girl was probably 6 or 7. the boys ended up gang raping the little girl...

Navin said…
Hi Webby,
I think I agree a lot with your '1st' reason. :)

and regarding your story about kids gang rape, it's shocking news.. and sorry to hear about that.. pretty bad, eah??.. yeahp, Sick !!!

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