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You are addicted to the Internet when........

*Someone at work tells you a joke and you say LOL.
*You keep begging your friends to get an account “so we can hang out.”

*you dream in text.

*being called a newbie is a *MAJOR* insult.

*you no longer type with proper punctuation, capitalization, or complete sentences.

*you begin to say heh heh heh instead of laughing.

*when someone says “What did you say?” you reply “Scroll up!”

*you find yourself sneaking away to the computer in the middle of the night when your spouse is asleep.

*you turn down the lights and close the blinds so people won’t know you are online again.

*you know more about your MSN friends’ daily routines than you do your own spouse’s.

*you find yourself lying to others about your time on-line and when they complain that your phone was busy you claim it was off the hook.

*you would rather tell people your bloodshot eyes are from partying too much instead of the truth (all night online).

*your kids are standing at your side saying “daddy, please come cook dinner” and you would rather type another “LOL”

*you won’t work at a job that doesn’t have a modem involved.

*your dog leaves you.

*you have to ask what year it is.

*you write a letter like this…”dear tom, hiyas! how r u doin well i gotta go bbl!”

*you smile sideways. : -)

*you bring a bag lunch and a cooler to the computer.

*you have withdrawal symptoms if you are away from the puter for more than a few hours.

*you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is get online before you have your first cup of coffee.

*you have to inject No-Doz into your butt to keep it awake.

*you don’t know where the time has gone.

*you get up at 2 am to go the bathroom but go turn on your computer instead.

*you stop typing whole words and use things like ppl, dunno and lemme.

*your voicemail/answering machine message is “BRB, leave your s/n and I will TTYL.”

*you type faster than you think.

*you want to be buried with your computer when it dies…or vice versa.

*you actually enjoy the fact that you are addicted.

*you can actually read and follow all the names of the cast that scrolls up your tv screen at the end of a movie.

*you double click your tv remote.

*you set your kitchen on fire while cooking dinner because you wanted to “check your mail” and while you were there you “just wanted to see who’s on” .

This is actually an old post that I borrowed from my old blog for my new readers

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Thank you for reading :)


Anonymous said…
LOL..yeah, i did some of it too but I'm not addicted to the internet..;-p
Navin said…
okie, you are lucky!!
Did you take the Internet Addiction Test btw?? the link is at the last of this post :) It's even more fun :)
Nisha said…
Hi navin.. finally got to access your site:)you have an rib tickling list here... you know, i dream about literati and blogging all the time! hehe

some of the things match your list but not all.. am not a newbie anyway:)and i guess laughing in practical by saying lol, is so funny!! hehe haha :)

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