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17+ free broadband internet TV channels to watch online

The way people are watching TV, it's slowly getting changed. From old analog TV box to latest flat/slim screens, this transition in hardware and features is a clear sign of change,'change' in how people are watching Television channels.

With the advent of high speed Internet connectivity, massive online streaming of audio/video has come into existence. One can't deny the fact that it's wired world now. Busiest capitalistic life is almost impossible to imagine without this constant connectivity. People are so busy that they don't have time to watch TV and listen to news. I also had felt that many times and wished TV were right on the screen where I was typing some documents and surfing nets. That is no more a dream, it's now reality.

I used to watch TV on my computer but only after installing TV card. I had this one old TV card from PixelView which I thought was cool enough to watch TV and work at the same time when I was in Nepal. Now, when I watch broadband TV channels on my widescreen Laptop, I remember of me going through all the hassles of installing TV Card, configuring drivers for it and seeking manufacturer's forums for help on minor issues.

Further, I came to know about FTA(free-to-air) channels here. It's free TV channels aired just like Free FM stations are aired in normal cases. With a proper receiver, one can have as many channel as he/she wishes without ever paying for monthly subscription fee. But definitely if one wants to have selection of multitude channels, there is a paid scheme. Whatever, I think these free broadband Internet TV channels are based on the same concept or may be some even might broadcast the unencrypted channels which are supposed to be paid one.

I'm featuring some of the coolest FREE BROADBAND TV channels available online. And, most importantly I'm bragging about my choice of FREE BROADBAND TV CHANNEL called TVU player. I bet this one has served my purpose. I've managed to make a small video(below) of how TVU looks and feels.
Note: The TV channels shown in this video is of inferior quality which is not a true experience in real. It happened, because I had to compress this video at 15 FPs(frame per second) and hence the TV channel shown in this video is so jerky

To download this wonderful Software(along with another paid TV program), check the bottom of this post.

Now, the concept of broadband Internet channels is in existence these days. If you're blessed with broadband connectivity, consider yourself lucky enough to watch thousands of TV channels online for free. Followings are my personal findings and reviews on best 17 free online TV channels for watching, real free BROADBAND TV CHANNELS: - downloadable client, allows saving video and allows watching online - repository of movies and TV shows - No Good TV(NGTV) is Television esp for kids - Video/Audio search engine - large containers of series from TV channels - Over 400 free TV channels - world wide internet TV, over 2300 plus TV channels - over 280 free TV channels incorporated with Windows Media player for online streaming 300+ free TV channels from around the globe. I recommend this, very nice. Said to be streamming HD TV channels. My connection was slow for it and bit jerky at times. If you've decent broadband, it'll be your next perfect bookmark for sure. - Watch TV on your PC. Though it says it's free,there seems premium service for paid members. Looks good though. - Find,share and watch your favorite TV shows here - Powerful peer to peer TV as they say - Every computer is a free TV; nice slogan - Much of these movies are shown from paid channels. Pretty good and free movie site. - Streaming TV episodes. download Graboid as their client - All Indian +250 Channels here and this is What I check most for news and other local indian entertainment channels like Sony TV, ZeeTV and much much more..

Download FREE SatelliteTV4PC


Anonymous said…
i use JOOST .. i love it.
waliz said…
hi navin thanks for the info...i have checked it out..and think its very useful...!and fun too!
Navin said…
hem bro, wow, I thought if I missed something.. but seems like I didn't.
Took almost days to review these sites for me..:)

Waliz, best of luck. and Thanks for your words too
Anonymous said…
I use TVWeb360, cool site

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