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Google's latest PageRank updates

As good as it could be, my blog got rise in Google PageRank( PR ) from 3 to 4. I regularly check my Google PageRank and it seems, very recently, Google has updated it's pagerank statistics.

My other blog is very new and it has PR 1. whewww.. Pretty cool,,!!!

What is Google PageRank(PR)??
This wiki which I believe is written by Google Team shall give all the answers to what really PageRank is.

Why people are so crazy about PageRank?
I don't want to go in depth but there are some things which I want to pinpoint:
-We all know, google is No 1 in the search engine business. So, it matters a lot lot to stand tall on google searches. Higher PageRank gives you the higher chances of exposure in search results.
-Low pagerank doesn't mean your site will get doomed or lost but you won't get the exposure that you need(only in Google).
-If you are a reviewer, companies first look at your PageRank stat. So, it matters to have high pagerank.
-Higher pagerank usually leaves the impression like of being quality and active site(doesn't mean low rank sites are crap, I'm just writing about the impression that people usually take into consideration).
-..and there could be other reasons which I'm unaware of by now(will update).

How to increase Google PageRank?
It takes a lots of time,research,patience and work to gain PageRank. I had a false impression that influx of visitors would increase the PageRank. Later, I came to know that it's the backlink that matters and helps you gain PageRank.
-Submit to as many directories as possible, that doesn't imply you submit on any categories that you think is okie. Be focused, directories check your site if it's correct site to list or not. So, take it seriously.
If you don't know what is directories(it's the systematic listing of websites under various categories), please use this google keyword "free site submit" and submit your sites on popular site submit directories.
-Tag your blog from popular network sites or community sites or blogosphere. For ex. technorati. Enlist your site there and tag your links.
-Join as much as social network sites or other community sites/blog.
-And, as your site/blog grows older and popular, pagerank would get rise eventually

Whatever it takes, increase your participation all over the popular places on net and please be Active.

If you want to keep in touch with google team, here is their official Google blog:

What is backlink?
In simple language, when we exchange our link with another sites, that's backlink. Somebody linked my site on their site and now, I linked his/hers on mine, that's backlink.
There's an another misconception regarding backlink that is never link with new or low pagerank site. I don't believe this particular concept. You can backlink with as many sites as of your will desires.
If you backlink to some big sites, you'll help them gain their backlink numbers but at the same time, even if they don't backlink to you, don't worry, chances are there that when someone searches on their domain, your site could get seen because, you've written or mentioned or backlinked their domain to yours.

You can check your backlink on this site below:

My blog for now has over 7000 backlinks which means, more than 7000 times my site has been linked from somewhere on this wired world.

How to prevent PageRank from falling?
I know it would be little offending for some company but my personal urge is, don't use 'P-a-y-P-e-r-P-o-s-t' program on your blog if you own one. It is not my personal grudge at all, but the fact is that there is some conflict going on between P-a-y-P-e-r-P-o-s-t and Google. So, anyone who uses money making service like that then, chances are the you'll see shocking fall down in your pagerank.

Another thing, I came to learn about is bloggers have suffered most. They've seen this sudden fall in their pagerank. Their tendency to make money online and involving into as much programs without a further research played some roles on this fall down too. This not only affects the pagerank, but, if you've Google's adsense, unfortunately you've strong possibility of account cancellation too.

So be very careful about these money making programs or services. It's better not to write 'S-p|o|n|s|o|r|e-d post' , 'S-p|o|n|s|o|r|e-d by' , 'p|a|i-d review' , or something like that if you are serious about adsense income.

It's better to read/study their resourceful information. There is a rare chance that they would reply to your query. So, the best bet would be read their resourceful informations.

Where to check PageRank??
Normally, google toolbar is enough to tell you the story but sometimes, I've found that it's not updating itself promptly.
My favorite is:

If you care to use the first search result after you input 'check google page rank' on google search, don't use it. This above link that I've written will give you the most recent and accurate result. That's my personal finding. On top of that, you can have 10 urls checked for pagerank at a time.

Do you want to know your potential future pagerank??
Here is a PageRank prediction tool:

And, my pagerank prediction is like this below(I checked this around a week ago when my PR was 3):

It seems like this predition is working. I just got PR 4 recently and 5?? ummmm.. lets hope that too very soon :)

I hope you guys had an increase in your PR too. Share me about your story, if you've any.

Thanks a lot for reading this post of mine.


Binay said…
Congratulations on the page rank!!
And good luck for a higher page rank. :)
Guest said…
I have to go long way to reach PR to 1 "Lanka ma suna chha kana mero buchai" hahahaha………
congratulation for increasing PageRank.
Webster Twelb said…
ongratz navin!

I never check my pagerank..i think i will. template is annoying me and i dont have the patience to even think of what to
Nisha said…
Hey congrats to both of us!! ive just noticed that mine had increased from pr3 to pr4 :) good going ha? we two;)..
Anonymous said…
thanks for this...i use payperpost , smorty and sponsoredreviews for paid posting and i've placed some text link ads as well. well frankly speaking adsense was not giving any outcome compared to i also trying to increase my rss subsriber and joing Now i'm highly concentrated to improve my technorati rank and alexa ranking.Though, alexa ranking is 253907 and which i think is very good for a blog which is just 2 months old. I think google pagerank is overweighted comapred to other ranking system.
Anonymous said…
Yeah meroguff's pagerank increased from 3 to 4, ourktm's increased from 2 to 3, gamesnepal's increased from 2 to 4. Yay.
Navin said…
hay binay, thanks bro.. my wish is at least 7.. ehehe..
Navin said…
sameer bro, it takes just couple of suggestions, submit to as much as popular directories you could but list your link to relevant category.. and rest is all about promoting your blog, be seen everywhere on wired world.. join forums, blogs everything you could and leave comments.. it's participation and knowledge you spread.. after all google's dream is to organize the world information and if we help putting our valuable informations everywhere around the webspace, google would definitely going to rank you high.. so, keep promoting, writing things everywhere you could. :) best of luck
Navin said…
webby, thanks.. and hey, you could have a look at
he's a very helpful guy and may be help you build a free template for you.. who knows.. he's all tutorials in simple english and you'd have no problem understanding them.
though jack uses wordpress to give support on things... ehehe
Navin said…
Nisha, congrats to you too.. same pinch..!!!
Navin said…
roshan, wow, you've impressive alexa.. that's great..

and great to read about your site contents.. and I can obviously see, why Google didn't award you with PR..

anyways, as I've written up, it's only for Google, if one really cares about PR.. there are other alternatives too....

but Google has almost become a synonymous to online search. In that sense, people often have wrong impression usually which i've mentioned on my post above. So, you are true, it's quite an overweighted ranking system for now
Navin said…
Ashish bro, congrats to your

they both rock and I'm happy for you that, those sites are doing pretty good on their niche. I'm even happy they somewhat took speed against it's contenders.

Thanks and congrats to you too :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the pagerank jump. Mine still no change.
Navin said…
thanks neo :)
Nirab Pudasaini said…
sextalksnepal and mychemistryblog both have Pagerank of 2 ........
Navin said…
congrats, Speed bro. :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats Navin! :D

Keep up the good work yo! ;)
Navin said…
Thanks a lot Deimos!!

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