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Guaranteed Traffic for your blogs and sites

As soon as you start new blog, you need some exposure. Before that You must have one thing in mind. Initially, blogs were designed to be strictly personal, it was just like personal diary of someone. So, it can be a very personal site for writers looking to express their innermost personal thoughts. But time has changed, bloggers want readers these days, to reciprocate their views. If you choose to share your blogging thoughts, you will want a steady stream of readers for your blog to be successful. More exposure to your web blog means more readers. Therefore, start submitting your site to all search engines. Start with major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. I urge you to manually submit yours site on these 3 sites.

But have you ever thought and realized how tiresome it is to submit your site/URL all over those search engines , one by one?? It's one hellava time consuming and hectic step to follow once your site/blog is setup.

Here is a solution, a software to automate and ease the task of directory submission:

Directory Submitter

If you buy this software, then you'll be submitting your URL to over 2200 high ranking search engines, easily.

Buy Directory Submitter

BUT, even if you don't buy this software, there is a freeware solution.

I've already downloaded this software, download it from the link below which will limit your URL to be submitted upto 300 search engines(compare 300 and 2200 search engines). Somehow, if you want more, just follow the link above. Now, download this free DIRECTORY SUBMITTER from the link below:

(use '' as your registration code without quotes when this program asks you to enter one)

This is a perfect solution to submit your links to hundreds of search engine easily. How easily?? well,... you don't need to enter each and every field on all those search engines, just create a project and rest let this program do it's work.

REMEMBER, it'll take several weeks to get listed on search engines. Don't expect quick result within few days. That's how search engines work because they get millions of request per day.

Now, that you've found a smart solution to expose your site/blog. How about some articles? If you are a good writer and want that your articles be read by thousands of readers, then you've to submit your articles or posts to articles directory like ArticleCity. It's again same hectic process to submit through each and every single article directory.

Here comes the savior, ARTICLE SUBMITTER.

Download link Below:
(use '' as your registration code without quotes when this program asks you to enter one)


Now, something unusual way for guaranteed traffic to your blog. You've used StumbleUpon, have you heard of StumbleUdon.
Notice 'P' and 'D' okie??

These guys at stumbleudon will stumble(you don't need to stumble at all) your posts or articles for you. You have to earn credit some links within the dashboard and use those credits to have guaranteed traffic. Having hard time to understand what it is?
Follow the link below(Remember again, this site requires you to enter your real stumbleupon Username and Password, don't worry, it's safe. I did that already and after trying it for one month, I'm referring it to you.

Thanks for reading


Anonymous said…
this is a good article for new blogger.
Do check my Blog directories :D
Navin said…
hey, vickie, thanks... it's really informative

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