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Improve your Typing Skill online for FREE

Juan(classmate) wondered how did I achieve my over 74 wpm typing skill. I told him the story of some friends. Many many years ago, couple of friends had challenged each other who would have the fastest typing speed within a week. They discovered 'Typing Master',the perfect software to practice on. One of them made day and night to get that typing speed. Final day of a week came, together they went to some cyber cafe and gave online typing test. That guy gained over 54 wpm typing speed and he had almost 98% accuracy hit. That guy was me. I learned my typing within a week.

Good Typing speed is must in today's world. If one cannot afford learning software, here is a free online solution that I recently found. Looks pretty good.

I worked on it and it's very useful for any beginners to learn typing at max.

According to site itself,
"PowerTyping is an online free typing tutor for Qwerty - US standard 101 keyboard and Dvorak keyboard - the US alternative ANSI standard keyboard. Our free online typing lessons are supported with Qwerty keyboard pic and Dvorak keyboard pic to help with hand positioning over a keyboard. Lessons have timed exercises to practice. Some of our games are enhanced with music. Lessons are great not only for beginners but also for experienced Qwerty typist who want to take the plunge and learn to type Dvorak. "

Thank you for reading this post.


Anonymous said…
Typing skill! haha.. where's that doodoo secretary (*calling my so called partner - secretary) this is really needed for a secretary who can't type fast or didn't have typing skill at all, duh'(*showing the link to that powertyping dot com - made her try the lesson)

Your posts always gives useful info for the readers d^_^b (*looking at my partner who is pretty excited by that link)
Anonymous said…
what is happening with mero guff??? the attractiveness is being lossed. It may be the sophistication of that's why i do love wordpress..thus feeling nice in blogging with wordpress as it is too simple to handle and i love simplicity.
Navin said…
Thanks a lot Trishna. :) This link is helpful in case, you need to practice typing skill from anywhere on the the planet irrespective of the typing software being installed or not.
Navin said…
Hi Ametya Ji, I thought I made some improvements to my blog, and I'm pretty much sure, you're overwhelmed with new interface.

Well, I did change couple of things here and there(should've notified). I made my blog load easy on Dial-ups too. From hopping 14 secs site load-up time to mere 3-4 secs site load-up time on standard 56.6 Kbps Dial-up is just what I did.

I anyway, wanted at least 15 posts to be seen on first page of my blog(all posts fully loaded with images and full texts) but that was tooo costing for dial-up. So, what I did was, this first page still shows 15 posts but only the first post will get that extra exposure while other 14 posts have been truncated to smart links under "Recent posts on my blog:"

Did you check other posts under "Recent posts on my blog:" they are all beautifully and smartly listed there. Do you really think it's sophisticated than before?? I think site load-up time is much faster than before. And, I deleted all useless widgets and crap scripts that I've been using before. I thought I should've been marked 'less sophisticated'.

Anyway, Ametya Ji, I'm thinking and trying to understand what is so sophisticated going here..


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