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Meet My Friends and My BlogStation

This is purely about my personal stuff. When I first came here in California, I was planning to enroll at local college to proceed my education further. I even went to the College and talked a while with the guy on the counseling section. The College is huge and it's facilities were student-oriented, scientific and advanced. There was subject of my choice. But, one thing shocked me,the enrollment fees. I was shocked even more when I found out that fees are different to different students according to their residential status.

Enrollment fees were somewhat near $270 per unit for my choice of subject. And, guess what, there are altogether 6 or 7 units per month. Imagine the total cost to offer in one month, it's almost $1500 or more per month. How do I pay such humongous fees? This fee structure is for International students or alien students who come from their countries to study here, well normally, on student Visa. I asked him about any other choices. This is second time, I was shocked to death when he told me if I became resident of California, I'll have to pay only $20 per unit. Now compare $270 and $20. Quickly, I asked him, how's that possible and he replied me back with the idea of living here in California for whole 1 year and 1 day. It put me into thinking. I told him, I've green card and so but even, he told me that this rule is not only for me, but even for U.S citizen of another states. I somehow then convinced myself that it was not only me being made deprived of my right of education just because of Fees. I was not even qualified for financial aid because my guardian's income exceeded their income level marked for the eligibility for Financial Aid. I was in dilemma and that's how I'm spending my good time in SANTA CRUZ ADULT SCHOOL. I study ESL(english as second language) there and I meet friends from all around the world. During this waiting period of one whole year to get enroll on college, I've to engage myself with ESL learning and the people out there, they are amazing. I'm learning lots of things about America, life and cultures over here which I think is good for me. I'm not wasting my time, at least, I'm learning things for my own. So, within these 4-5 months, I've made many friends. Some already left the school, I miss them a lot and some old friends are still in the same class whereas New students have joined. I'm on ESL level 5(final level), that means, only students with good grip in English are managed to be on that level. I was firstly admitted to Level 1, but after they took my assessment, they directly put me into level 5. My dream is to get Associate degree and then master degree on my subject of interest from highly recognized college and university here. So, without further ado, lets meet my friends and my teacher.

Last week, we had this event in our class which included photo taking and writing things about ownself. Later, this took form of autobiographies attached to message board on the class wall. I took snapshots of those affixed profiles(or say autographies):

Hey, if you click these images, you'll be able to read what they've written about themselves.

Meet My Teacher Peggy Miles, never seen teacher as wonderful as her

Meet My friend Jennifer,a very kind hearted person. I would never forget her as a friend.

She's Sue. I don't know much about her. She's so new in class

She's Wilma. Very Good dancer. She showed her dancing videos which was impressive

Meet Zinet. She's filled with good sense of humor and right now, she's pregnant.

He's Juan. This guy's attendance is impressive and he never missed a class. He scored points somewhere near over 315. Mine is just 100.

She's Lilo. Senior student in class

She's Ling lee. Very friendly woman and when I met her, I thought she's of my age. But gosh, she's nearly 40 and astonishingly looks so young.(Sorry for this pic, bit blur)

She's Chaipie, Computer Engineer by profession and very helpful

She's Elle. Very lively woman. She gave me the name 'Porcupine' and I gave her 'Snake'(lol)

She's Hui. She's new and don't know much about her

He's Ignacio. Very inquisitive in nature and quick learner. This guy is a wonderful friend

Mr Aamir, he shares lots of things about his country which I like to know about

He's Andrew from Italy and he's new too. So, never got chance to learn more about him

And, she's Andrew. One of a good friend in class

She's Anna, getting married very soon

This guys is none other than me,myself, Navin.. :)

Last but not the least, this if for you my friend, Yeap You. You asked me once how and where I blog from. From left, is my HDTV, Laptop and my old desktop at back.
So, I watch news right by my side to keep myself updated, Satellite A215 as my laptop is great performer loaded with Vista(great OS, never gave me any trouble but it has some minor glitches anyway, which I think is needless to mention) and that's my station, BLOGSTATION(as like playstation,.. wink:wink:) you could assume, from where I'm typing these words. And the old desktop behind me is where I intend to troubleshoot people's computer, it's for testing purpose. Do you believe it has 100 MB unique but old ZIP disk drive. I've couple of them(zip disk) and I still love them,so I kept it with me else, it's supposed to be in junkyards. Anyway, thats where I blog from and publish my online contents.

I hope I didn't bore you with my personal useless rantings.

Have a good time



Anonymous said…
If a John Ud(writter of Leaving microsoft to change the world,who left Microsoft hi-fi job for nepali children) can do something for our Nepali children, then why can't we??? Think it, i am eagerly waiting your response but beg you don't flash it in public way..check your once think my proposal....
Unknown said…
Dude, that's only your picture. You cut the text. I was anticipating your writing. :D
Navin said…
Hi Ametya Ji, this is a quick response, I'll get back to you shortly in Detail .
Navin said…
Binay bro, all those writings that I wrote were from the 'about me' section of my blog, so I thought it's better not put the same content on there.
That's how it got that way..
nevermind anyways :)
PRENA said…
Kati ramre dekheko!

Very nice to see everyone and read about them!

Navin said…
Hi Prenu, thank you for your comment :)
Anonymous said…
good write-up...keep us posted on more

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