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New MSN messenger Virus referring malicious sites

I was online today, suddenly someone who was offline or someone whose contact I've deleted long time ago sent me a link out of no where. The link was something like;

What would you do if you get links out of nowhere or from your closest friend? Would you click them without waiting? I wouldn't .

But there is a strange itch that goes on my spine always, that is to play with malicious scripts. So, the next moment, I loaded up that site. (Please don't try that by yourself). The site was null. I didn't get any message neither from my anti-spyware nor from my firewall(I prefer COMODO firewall). So, nothing much happened to my system. On top of that I already had updated Windows Live Messenger few days ago and all my systems regular updates.

So, buddies, always update at least once a week, update your system files. Because, virus writers are always on set to use different strategies. This time, they are using referral link on msn messenger So, when you visit certain sites, how would you get infected?? Wouldn't it require user intervention?

Nope, unless and until you click that link, you are saved but as soon as you click that link or visit the infected sites, you are not safe. Those sites could run executables and put some strange icons on your desktop making it look like some system tuning softwares? Gullible users click them and what next, they are even more infected to the level which needs hardcore PC tune ups and maintenance.

At first place don't click any such links. Just make sure asking your friends if they've sent them.

Unfortunately, if you get infected, give your anti-spywares(I prefer Spybot - search and destroy) some vigorous work of scanning your system. Run your antivirus (updated one and I prefer NOD32) as well. You need extra work of manually editing registry and so. HiJack , a malicious detector, which digs into your registry and shows you where is the fault can be very helpful if you know how to use it.

So, depending upon which virus you may encounter, take a necessary initiatives after searching a while on Internet. I've already given you so many hints above. The next step is action and that requires you.

Thanks for reading

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waliz said…
hahaha...i just give u a link..but no its not a virus..just something i wnt to check out..thanks for the tips navin..see u again!
Navin said…
OH ho.. really, I just clicked that link .. oh my god, it's virusss. ehehe

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