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Why to opt for portable DVD player?

Everything is going portable. People has no time to stick around and do things limited only on their living place. The craze of portability is huge. Same trend is followed by DVD players too. It's portable DVD players . And, if you are my regular reader then you might still remember that many months ago, I wrote my personal words on this very blog about Portable DVD players but I was unaware of the online market place of portable dvd players where I could find best deals on hot portable DVD players. Basically, a portable DVD player is very light-weight DVD player with LCD display attached to it. You must be pondering why would you need it? Because, you don't have to be in your home to watch your favorite DVD movies and music. If you are travelling a long journey and need a healthy time passing entertainment, then a portable DVD player is a must. With a pair of good head phone, you'll forget your tiring journey session since you would be enjoying movies on your portable DVD

A Health blog that you don't want to miss

Been busy like a dog, as I already wrote on my last post. But I'm enjoying whatsoever. I've silently been keeping myself busy in making of one blog, a blog about health and fitness. The blog has everything about health, fitness, weight loss, skin care, beauty tips,male enhancement and so many other health related stuffs. I've partnered with content providers and working in conjunction with them to provide quality health contents and tips. I've also written my own health tips to help you understand good health from my own perspectives. I've waited months to make this blog appear on search engines. I'll do it's promotion in coming days more aggressively but for now, I'm starting that off my blog. If you like being healthy and concerned about how to lead a good health, you must read this blog 'ROAD to GOOD HEALTH' , many healthy minds at work. Hope you'd like my new blog and very much eager to know about how you found it. Here is the link to my

What Am I upto?

(You can skip this one post since it's unnecessary personal rant. But if you take it otherwise, you're most welcome) These days, I'm getting so busy with the extremely joyful rampage of troubleshooting peoples computer problem in real life. The pleasure I get from the face of people getting happy for their solved problem is more than the orgasm for me. The orgasm that I've gotten within these few days back is hard to describe in words. I was unselfishly helping people online to solve their computer issues. I was deliberately writing tutorials on my blog posts for one single question asked for and to many extent, that's proved helpful to them and as well to me. My blog posts are sought after by many educational institutions since I've posted useful things(under FACTs and FIGURES category..oops LABEL) which are important for aspiring students who want to make themselves more familiar with computer and technology. I'm really satisfied with the results I'm g

"Your AdSense account needs verification.... message." - What does this message mean in Blogger Dashboard??

Few days ago, as I was checking my blogger dashboard, I got message like this below: " Your AdSense account needs verification. Please check your email for the Google AdSense Verification message. " That scared me for some possible threats like if my adsense account has been changed/accessed by someone or what? I was damn busy and couldn't think much at the moment but what I did was quickly logged into my adsense control panel and hastily started looking for some issues. I didn't find anything special but there was some PENDING messages under Google Adsense Control panel --> My Account --> Account Access I use adsense on my blogger blog and so I did click 'Grant Access' for To tell the truth, I did it this very morning. In fact, I thought that message would go eventually but it didn't and I changed the setting so as to give an access to my Adsense Ads, and now its gone. Almost took 12 hours to get rid of that 'Adsense ver

Are you Dumb enough to give away your password and confidential data anywhere on net??

Passwords are your keys to your online closets. You don't want people to intrude into your closet and let them do the nastiest things that you've ever thought of. Do you think, yeah THINK before you enter your credential data like username and password anywhere on the net? Are you not afraid of entering your credit card details on net to do online shopping? If you are smart, you'll most probably think before you do the things that I've asked above. Lemme show you the example. There is a guy and he has a msn account and he wants to check if his female friend is blocking him or not after his last argument with her. He goes to some site like this below: (this site will take him to some genuine site. Here, this site will take you to Nepal Telecom's official site. DON'T EVER GIVE YOUR REAL USERNAME and PASSWORD but you can try with fake one. It's interesting, how these phishers work and steal peoples informations) H

Waiting for cheap Blu-rays

Those who can't wait and jump right over the new thing, in my case, to new technology tend to regret in later time for paying high while his/her neighbor getting same product after some waiting time for far more fair price. But there are some zealous people who wants to take first triumph. If you ask me, I don't fall under this category but there are some rich geekiest souls who usually ride high on the wagon for buying latest technology first. They are already enjoying the latest bliss. But for people like me, us.. it's best to wait and get fair deals in later times. BLU - RAY is a next generation sensational storage technology which recently won the war on tug of war against HD DVD. We're on the verge of entering the Terabyte era for normal desktop use. ahh , Just out of old nostalgic moments, I still remember one saying of my teacher( i don't remember his name but I do remember what he said) that while we were proud enough to use P-II as the most prized computing

Hacks and tricks to bypass Rapidshare download limitations work no more

I was sick and tired of Rapidshare download limits and it's nagging upload size limits. Rapidshare(acc to wiki) is a German owned one-click hosting pay and free-service(with limitations) website that operates from Switzerland and is financed by the Subscriptions of paying users. In simple term, Rapidshare is extremely extremely popular world's largest file-hosting site with millions of files stored on its servers. I was downloading one of my favorite music off the net which was divided into 3 parts and as soon as I finished first part downloading, I was shown series of sentences informing the next upload is available in some next 98 minutes. This frustration has led many script kiddies to develop fake programs claiming they can break Rapidshare limitations and use it as premium paid users. If you come across such sites, never download such programs which claim that you could download stuffs off the rapidshare servers just like a paid user. Albeit, you can trick rapidshare using

Internet is for PORN!!!

Whoever made this video, did a great job. Made some warcraft-game like creatures sing a song. But what is it to take with this video about something like 'Internet is for PORN'. Check it out for yourself!! Thanks for watching.

USB Disk Ejector : A smart and quick alternative to windows 'Safely Remove' option

If you always hated to go through hurdles of menus and finally made to click 'Safely Remove' or after sometime wait to see this following message "now safe to remove this device" then you are reading a perfect post for you. Since, I'm letting you know how to do this in just a single click. How sluggish and painful it is to go through all these and finally you manage to unplug your external USB devices as obediently as devotee of some holy temple where you lay yourself down. You worry to unplug those USB external devices because you fear of data loss, your fear is true. You may loose your data or you may even corrupt some files if you just don't care going through those automated process that Windows OS provides you to unplug your USB devices. Windows can sense your USB devices, as soon as you pop in something, small windows balloon pops up letting you know that something has been inserted. After you are done, it's pretty lazy job to click 'safely remov

Nepal's Election of Constituent Assembly and SEX

These days, issues on Election of Constituent Assembly in Nepal is heating up. It's only 3-4 days left for the election. Every ethnic group and people have demanded for equal rights and opportunities and this election is the only gateway to choose their own delegates for better ruling of the country. If I'm not wrong then there are other groups than these ethnic groups and communities... like HomoSexuals and prostitutes. Homosexuals are very few in number and disclosure of their sexuality is often rare. Even though there are very few institutions working for them, due to lack of much legal support, things are not working as expected. Their demand is to have right to marry similar sex. Even though the law never permitted this, some of the homosexual couples managed to arrange such marriages backed by support from some human rights organizations. And, that later became cover stories on news paper and tabloids. Gay marriage in Nepal Prostitutes want to make selling their body as a

Backlink is important: Thanks to them who linked back to my pages

This past week, my article on blogger blogspot got maximum hits, my stat shows that. And, I'm really thankful to them whoever commented on that post and linked backed to it. As I was notified, following friends blog linked directly to my post. BlogAvenues Have a life And thanks a lot to Juvy for friendly tag here . On top of that, hey, MAX(SiteHoppin) !! thanks buddy for your regular EC drop(whopping 32 EC drops). You are a top EC dropper. and the EC dropper list goes in following way: Kumo's "Toast,Egg and me"(30 EC drops) Sameer's "Unique Log"(20 EC drops) Deimos' EC drops) MoneyMakerTimes(10 EC drops) And, it's obscure that I got only 24 clicks through EC advert on whereas, my following friend on whose blog, my EC advert ran for 24 hours..gave me more unique visitors(45 visitors) than of Rhyan's Related stuff:

Free Online Virus Scanners and Removers: When your Antivirus dies, these work like a charm

Have you ever felt that your antivirus has deceived you?? All of a sudden your computer starts acting weird, your connection goes damn slow and moreover it feels like you should dump your PC. Most people have misconception that when they install Antivirus and update it regularly with the latest virus definition files, they think they are at safe hand which is not. Besides computer virus, there are other things which are not actually that destructive but could steal your informations and eat up your valuable system resources. These new genre of problems are also known as spywares,worms,etc. With that written, you should also install good firewall and anti-spywares. So, Anti-Virus software,Anti-Spywares and Firewall, the combo of these three plus little smartness of your own should provide you foolproof protection. You've to be careful though that there are some rogue anti-spywares. Read reviews of the one that you're trying to get into your computer system. Sometimes, I chuckle

Do you have a Blogger(blogspot) Blog and do you know Google is deleting blogger blogs??

As usual, I was checking backlink tool to find some of the friends link (who has linked backed to me before) if they still have my link backlinked to me or not. Well, some of them didn't link back to me. I checked their site and the message I got upon visiting their blogspot(blogger) blog was something like "this blog has been deleted." As I was visiting some of the other blogspot blog, I found few of them got deleted too. I thought, may be they got over blogging. Recently more and more blogspot(blogger) blogs are unavailable or being deleted. Now, these things forced me to think why those blogs are being deleted. I usually check official google blog for any kind of stuff they are upto. Their blog was shut down too(it's some days before), they are online now though. But, it's quite eerie because this very blog of mine is hosted on blogger's server too. I don't know what happened to their official blog but it's confirmed news they are deleting blogs. M