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USB Disk Ejector : A smart and quick alternative to windows 'Safely Remove' option

If you always hated to go through hurdles of menus and finally made to click
'Safely Remove'
after sometime wait to see this following message
"now safe to remove this device"

then you are reading a perfect post for you. Since, I'm letting you know how to do this in just a single click.

How sluggish and painful it is to go through all these and finally you manage to unplug your external USB devices as obediently as devotee of some holy temple where you lay yourself down. You worry to unplug those USB external devices because you fear of data loss, your fear is true. You may loose your data or you may even corrupt some files if you just don't care going through those automated process that Windows OS provides you to unplug your USB devices.
Windows can sense your USB devices, as soon as you pop in something, small windows balloon pops up letting you know that something has been inserted. After you are done, it's pretty lazy job to click 'safely remove' option.

There is a smart way to do this, a freeware tool called USB DISK EJECTOR. Works just like Windows 'Safely Remove' option but it's much more convenient to use. No matter how much external USB storage devices you insert, it's an easy access to remove them at once from one menu.

Download USB disk ejector here.
Note: Author of this program says he's still working to make it run under Windows 98.
Above Win 98, it works on all versions, even on Vista.

Thank you for reading


waliz said…
very useful info! i always have ths fear too..tht i will lose my data and etc...but still if i have to download anythng frm the net..i will have to think twice...
Anonymous said…
Sometimes i just plug off my USB if i'm in a hurry, and the results is my files are crash /scrap /crap whatever...

Thanks for the download (^^,)
Anonymous said…
thanks for sharing Navin. I still prefer the traditional style :D
Navin said…
Waliz, yeah, we've to think before downloading.. but I think you didn't read my article,.. it's about USB stuff..

Tris, always welcome..

right on, vickie :)
waliz said…
sorry navin..i didnt know much about computer and the term they use always confusing me....:D
Navin said…
waliz, no problem friend. don't be sorry. it's okie :) cheers

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