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I Beg Your Pardon

I'm such a hypocrite, I throw a post on how to blog nicely,consistently and then I , Myself got lost for a week. Yeah, I confess that and I beg your pardon for this and those who are willing to get some valuable computing tips from me, I feel sorry for myself.

I also assume that RSS readers of my blog haven't been bothered for some time but, I'm back again to bother them. ;)

These past few days had been hectic and busy.

1. First, I was training myself to get a driver license. I already passed the written test few month ago , it was just a few-day away from my driving test last week and so I had to put myself through vigorous driving learning session. As soon as I got back from work, I was on the road driving, learning rules here and there. So, this is the first thing that's so important for someone like me who came from the country where people take their vehicle from left lane. It's not so easy to set my mind to lead the road from right-hand lane in here. Besides, some rules are different here. Now, I taught my sub-conscious about all the driving rules here. I gave the driving test on my nearest DMV department, it was some 15 minutes session and I got only 3 error points. I thought I made only 1 error but anyways, I'm not so complaining. I'm happy for what I did. I passsssssssssssssed and Got MY DRIVING LICENSEEEEEEEEE.. phewww.. A mission accomplished.

2. So, after those driving sessions, when I usually got back home, I don't really wanted to work on computer. Just took a nap and next morning, same regular stuffs. Now, that I'm free from those training stuff. I'll put my mind on this part of my world too and try to be regular to update my blog. After work, I had to manage with other things too, I opened a new back account, applied for Credit Card and they were more than happy to get me one, I dunno why. I thought I was supposed to be more happier than one.. but whatever, they said , I'm approved. So, Credit Card will be my next cash to buy stuffs.

3. And, I'm asking a contractor for some part time job too. To work during those weekends, I don't know if I got this thing to do on weekends, I don't really know if i would be able to be online ever. Because, I need time to think and write. It's not just writing, it's thinking that takes lots of my time online. Anyways, I'm happy for what I'm doing and I'm doing jobs that I'm interested on.

and Lastly, this blog of mine is making some money, so, NOW ON, I Won't be putting my personal stuffs here, Only Tech stuffs and reviews , of course, that would be my own words though.

I've an announcement to make,please Bookmark your browser for my new very personal blog

Thank you for reading.


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