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Who will be the next US president??

I conducted a poll(see on the right side bar "Who will become the US president?") few months ago concerned about US politics. "Who's gonna win the next presidentship?". Democrats or Republicans. And out of 56 visitors, most of them voted for Democrats. They think Democrats should rule the country for better future of America. This poll will be up till the final verdict of the election but before that I'm assuming it'll roughly show the figure of who would win. To me, it's obviously Democrats. Recent hand to hand campaign of Senator Hillary and Obama even strengthen that belief. I had no idea about US politics until I came here and spent this 9 months during which I somehow figured out how social and political structures of America is. Till this day, stat shows Republicans reigned America around 8/10 times more than Democrats. And, people are really not happy with how President Bush is running the country. Few weeks ago, I received an image like this

Free Call anywhere around the world (It's not a SCAM post)

I've a strange itch to try my hand on useful tech stuffs. This post is all about making free calls around the world. But, before I boldly claim the title of this post as it sounds, I used my mind and after thinking for sometime, I came to this conclusion. To be true, when I bought this product, I was real skeptical. Hey... wait.. I'm not endorsing anything out here. I actually contacted the company for any endorsement benefits or affiliates marketing bonus but they said they don't have that option for now (why would they need, since it's already so popular). Instead, they wanted me to resell the products and for that I had to buy 50 of their products at minimum, which as an Individual it didn't seem quite practical for me. That was the only option to get some commission. So, I forgot about that..umm.. 50 items.. huh. I usually do valued reviews on products. But, Whatever,this time I thought I should share this wonderful stuff and here I am. There is a USB plug-in de

Foreign Affairs

Before And this is after: After Thank you for reading.

How to Setup Network-Ready printers in Easy steps

Last week , I went to a client to setup a network ready printer. I never had setup any network printers before but it wasn't a hard stuff for tech aficionado like me. After few roundup over google for some help, I confirmed I'll be there to do the job. What is Network-Ready Printer in simple term... well, according to me, it's an excellent choice for corporate level usage. These printers have it's own motherboard and Extra swappable memory to speed up print jobs. In another words, these have their own CPUs to control everything and these don't have to rely on physical connectivity with computers. Normally, A printer is hooked up to a back port in computer but network ready printers have their own ethernet port also which they are mostly used to connect to router directly. As I wrote earlier, it has its own CPU, it works independently without the need of physical connectivity with any of the ports of computers. With the ethernet cable connected from printer to router

How to restore a Hard Drive Image using ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE

Almost a month ago, I wrote an article about how to create Image file(or say CLONE hard drive) of entire hard drive partitions. One can check that article by clicking right here This article is the follow up of that same article on above link. This is all about how to restore an Image file of our hard drive on a blank/new hard drive. Normally, we create Image file of our partitions to save ourselves from the hassles of reinstalling everything one by one when drives go kaput or crash for some reasons. It's so tiring and hectic to reinstall everything. That's when this Drive Cloning thing comes into rescue. And, it's considered best to take image snapshot of our hard drive when it's on topnotch working condition. So, always take image of your drive when it's got no problems or when it's running smoothly. When I talked to few of my clients locally, they are confused about this image backing up and restoring. The general misconception is it should work on all system

Flaunt It: Firefox 3 Downloader

Firefox 3 has been downloaded around 12 million times within 24 hours. And, I'm pretty much sure, it'll set a record once approved by the Guinness World record team for the most downloaded software in the pages of history. Flaunt 'Firefox 3 Downloader certificate'!!! Be involved !!! Here is mine. You can have yours at: Thank you for reading.


Finally 'MOZILLA FIREFOX 3' would be available on June 17,2008 as the Final Release. It took almost more than 2 years to come up with this final version of FIREFOX 3. Thousands of beta-testers have been using FIREFOX 3 BETA and it's RC's since the time it was a buzzword. I'm pretty much sure FIREFOX 3 would be the next big thing in the world of Internet Browsers because of the features that have been deployed onto it. Lets expect no more memory leak and performance issues with FireFox 3. Thanks for Mozilla Team and all the beta-testers around the world for making this thing happen. I am more than eager to write things about the FIREFOX 3 after it's release. If you want to learn about it's upcoming features, click here If you can't wait for the day, you can download the refined RC's of Firefox 3, right here Let's make the FIREFOX 3 as the most downloaded software within a day(Jun 17,2008).

Teach yourself to troubleshoot computer problems

If you are looking to increase your PC performance you may find that there are a number of items you can perform yourself. You don’t have to hire a pricy technician or buy some expensive programs to improve the efficiency of your computer. You perform a number of the tasks yourself. However, there are some items you should consider when performing your own PC tune ups. First, you want to gather your information. You can make a meal without a recipe( that's how i usually cook ) but you have to be familiar with the process first. You can’t make a meal you know nothing about without a recipe. Similarly, you can’t fix a problem you don’t know much about if you don’t have the proper information and procedure. You can find a tons of information online. Tutorials, advice and articles are increasingly common on the internet. Most of the times you can find them displayed for free, thanks to internet and Google. Take advantage of this information age and the valuable tools at your

Gone Crazy !!!

Hail BSOD!!! lol Arnie and PS3... New Toy!!! Moderator Attitude

Check if your Antivirus is Dead or Alive

In spite of having Antivirus software installed, I often hear that people got into virus related troubles. So, how come their Antivirus software is not detecting any old/new virus? The problem here could be .. anything. Improper installation of Antivirus softwares or the conflict of more than one antivirus softwares(don't install more than one antivirus software), it could be the outcome of advanced virus/malwares which could render any antivirus software useless and for innocent end users it may still look like their system is being protected. Whatever, Antivirus could go useless. So, what's the big deal? EICAR( European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research ) has a simple test to conduct on user's system so as to check if their Antivirus is working or not. You can check if your antivirus is working or not. One who is not using Antivirus on today's computing life is surely a moron, out of this world.(no offence) This post is of no use for them. TESTING SYSTEM FOR