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Reservation Rewards !!! Hidden Charges and fees

I didn't know that my credit card was being charged for something that I didn't even know. It's recently, I activated the alert system and that's how I came to know somebody have been taking amount from my account on monthly basis. The alert system notified me of what's going on my account and that's how the email came to my inbox. I didn't care on the statements that showed my savings and expenditures that I made, because for this particular issue, it was too low to really put my attention onto. I thought some sort of bank charges. But as I tried to find it out, I had no idea what it was. So, calls went to my bank, they told me to ask the company who charged me and some how I figured out that their phone number was listed on the details of the transaction. Company name was Reservation Rewards. I fired my first phone call, and very tired voice responded. I complained and she was awkwardly ready to refund me. Though she told me that she'll cancel my membership(I don't remember when I signed up with them that I'll pay regular fee), I needed proof. When asked, she told me she'll send me the confirmation email, which never arrived.

It had really become so much of concern for someone like me who went unaware of this fraud. I called this morning, and I got reply from energetic young voice. She told me about the merchant company where I did business in past. Ummmm.., I used my credit card there but how the heck did they got my info. She told me that they have tied up with that company like in a partnership. Then I remember of the fabulous offer they showed me as soon as I finished online purchase at
They needed me to sign up, I did with my email address and so. I never knew that they would charge my card because they never told me about that. It was total rip-off,I got tempered, and yelled at her. She got silenced, I thought she dropped the call, it's moment later she responded when I said 'hellllooooo'.

Bottom line: This company was listed under the name:Reservation Rewards. Though I had hard time trying to get answer why they charged my credit card without my consent, they seemed filled with guilt, and the answer wasn't that satisfactory and certainly refunding me stopped further discussion between us. I asked my bank to stop any payment request payment from this company in coming days. They did. Problems looked solved. Later I searched on this company and somehow I figured out that being member with them, one is going to get some sort of discount on doing business with their referred businesses. Had they not hidden me the fact that they are going to charge me, I wouldn't have signed up at first place and secondly written this article. I strongly advise to be upfront, not to conceal what their motivation is and not to steal people's money silently.

My urge to my readers is do not ever sign up for any offers with your emails on internet as soon as you make some purchase using your credit card. These shameless online merchants are selling our infos to third parties. really didn't respect my confidential data that I've shared with them. And, in coming days, I'm not gonna refer this company to anyone. But I think it's just the awareness that comes after stumbling. I'm sharing my story. Beware!!!


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