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Holiday Shopping???? Go Online

Online shopping gives so much options than the real life shopping. If you go to a store, you are just limited with their products and usually left with no more choices except wandering here and there, .. that’s heck of a trouble. Unless something comes up, you should decide not to buy anything in malls/stores but online.

Some of the reasons that I found Online Shopping is far better than shopping in Malls/stores are:

Bunch of mindless fools waiting(after unhealthy sleep) outside the store before dawn.

1. No Stampede related death. No fear of being trampled by those stupid crazy assholes who sees nobody being run over by but only HDTVs,frigging Ipod,etc tagged with discounted pricing..

I wish they knew what Online Shopping is all about. Look at these people, how sheepish are they. Last month, the similar stampede trampled and killed a person in Walmart.

2. Savings on Gas,Time and Energy. You don't have to recklessly wander here and there. When you enter mall, you are full of energetic red-blooded person and when you come out, you are tired pale-looking stupid guy who got nothing but a pair of socks, having second thought of rushing to another store.

Fools everywhere

3. Don't have to worry about the products not being available. You can simply warp to another online store.

4. Variety of choices. You can always have choices at your finger tips.

5. Reviews you can rely upon before shopping. Go to venerable shopping store and you'll find honest reviews made by customers like you and me. (There are some phony sites with phony reviews. Be smart and stay away from such reviews. If you see all good comments but no single criticism, there is something fishy.)That helps you decide what to buy and what not to buy.

6. Surprise and excitement. I'm personally anxious to unwrap those things that I order online. I feel privileged and bliss while doing so.

7. They always send you invoice. It helps you to keep track of your spending habits and keep notes of your expenses.

8. Ease of payments. Have a credit/debit card and go for online shopping. Easy as 1-2-3.

How to play Safe:

If you are not that tech-savvy, most of the time, you’ll be in trouble since there are so many poisoned websites always on a look to steal your credit card number and other personal informations. Make sure, the site where you are putting your credit card and personal informations is fully encrypted. Check if there is LOCK icon lying on the browser’s task bar on lower right. And make sure, ‘https’ is there instead of ‘http’ on web addressbar location. Rest is search for the site’s review on Internet. Use your logic and common sense, you’ll be safe.

Don't be a fool. Go Online Shopping!!!

The only thing that I hate and eventually creates excitement is the 'wait for the package' to get delivered.

Thank you for reading my post.


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