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Latest Microsoft Internet Explorer security glitch more dangerous than ever

Microsoft is releasing unconditional emergency critical patch for it's Internet Explorer Browser tomorrow, Wednesday.

The serious glitch in Microsoft's Internet Explorer allowed attackers to infect victims PCs without zero effort from Victim's part. Usually, it takes some sort of efforts from Victim's part like executing files, opening email attachments etc to trigger malicious attacks but this time, attackers have found a way to infect PC where there is no need of user intervention. Anyone visiting malicious sites forwarded by attacker and if worst, using Microsoft's Internet Explorer as a browser is infected in no time. On sandbox tests and surveys, Internet Explorer 7 is found to be the most affected browser but Microsoft claimed, all the version of Internet Explorer is equally at risk.

Internet Explorer is one of the most used web browsews as compared to others. Microsoft urge it's user to update all the critical updates as soon as possible.

There are millions of users unaware of these latest threats and they are more at risk. Since attackers target the unpatched systems most, it seemingly gonna create havoc in coming days if no action taken promptly.

These days, more than 70% of emails are spams and at some point, spammers in disguise could lead people to click on malicious links.

You can read Microsoft Security Advisory 961051 for more related information.

My Suggestion: Go for FireFox or any other browsers for some days or till IE gets updated if IE is inevitable piece of cake for you.

Thank you for reading my post.


Mike said…
Hi Mero! I hate all these patches to download on my dial-up modem all the time.

I have over 400 annoyances on my annoyances blog now. Check it out if you can.
Navin said…
Mike, if you use internet just for email and some news. I guess, there shouldn't be more problem. And, I think dial up is safer than always on Internet Connectivity.

Mike, you've got yourself lots of blogs.. wowww..
Aakar said…
Firefox will be the best options...
And do not forget Chrome and Opera is there...
Navin said…
Many still can't get over of Internet Explorer.

I've seen many clients insisting on IE than Firefox.

I've dealt with companies strongly urging me to use IE(No firefox) to work with their services.

So be it.

It's only few of us, who is more aware than rest and onto Firefox bandwagon ;)

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