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LONG LIVE.. Windows XP !!!

I was supposed to write this post before Christmas but due to the state being so occupied, I couldn't do much and writing things little late.

Last year, on one of my posts I've written that Microsoft would be discontinuing licenses for Windows XP by Jan 31,2008. Eventually, Microsoft changed it's announcement and moved back from what it said before. They've been distributing new licenses ever since and Jan 31,2009 was set due date for expiration of XP License distribution which again was extended. For obvious reason that Vista is still nightmares for many of the old XP users to adopt.

Microsoft has extended the licenses for distribution till May 20,2009. It looks like XP is not going to die pretty soon.

For reminder,support(including patches/security updates) for XP will remain till 2014 as per their announcement.

Personally, I've never felt Vista that ugly as what most of the people have been reporting continually. But, I confess that at some point, I had weird experiences with Vista which I think is not so significant.

Whatever,Windows 7 is ready to hit the market pretty soon and with that, Vista will be dead without even reaching it's maturity. XP really had long years of acceptance and is still favored a lot. This is why, Microsoft was compelled to extend it's expiration date.

Thank you for reading my post.


Mike said…
Hi Mero! I never understood why they have to keep coming out with a new O/S all the time. New is not always better. I like XP and see no reason to upgrade it and shell out $300 for a new O/S on each computer in the house. Why can't they just keep upgrading XP and make patches for it? It is good enough for 99% of the people out there.
Navin said…
They want that $300 from our pockets. Adding couple of features, wrapping it up into new box and giving up completely different,mind-confusing names, followed by kickass marketing campaign and it's obvious as we human nature are somewhat depended to the concept that 'New is always better than old', we fall for it. We then shell out that extra cash for that extra 'NEW'. Microsoft makes money that way, so do others. But this time, Microsoft failed badly in case of Vista.

As many predicted, it would take some time to adopt Vista as people did when adopting XP but things are going far away to become reality.

I had read leaked news that even before Vista's release, Microsoft were planning their next OS right after Vista, code named 'Vienna' somewhere by the end of 2009.
To me it's 'Windows 7' which they are planning to launch by the end of 2009.

I comprehend yours saying 'New is not always better'. Only few people are aware of these crucial facts.

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