Friday, January 02, 2009

Downtown Santa Cruz in California welcomes the year 2009 with joy and happiness

This was my second New year experience in Downtown Santa Cruz,CA. First year was just like that. I wasn't so used to here. Now, I'm immersed here for at least a year. I went out to Downtown Santa Cruz to celebrate New Year Eve.

I had a friend there waiting for me to celebrate the evening. When I walked out, I checked the weather then and it was just 43, and I thought It's not that cold. So, I dressed up as for like a day walk.. just a full sleeve t-shirt, leather jacket and jean. I appeared in Town Clock,Downtown Santa Cruz at around 10 pm. I was 2 hours away from 2009. All people were eager to be in 2009.

As night grew deeper, I really started feeling cold as hell. The ball-numbing cold didn't last much because at 11:00 pm, county people started open air music and everyone started dancing on the beats. I wasn't left out. Everyone was anxious.

I didn't take much pictures and video footages of the moment, because I was enjoying there, to be true, it was damn cold to take my palm out holding camera. Gosh.. my FZ28 felt like an ice-cube. Most of the time, I was hand-fold or hand inside pocket.

This kid hinted me to take his picture and seemed more happier after I took his shot. I love kids.

Bubbles in the air, Town Clock in the back

Fireworks at Town Clock in Downtown Santa Cruz, felt like somebody bombed the tower,'s just a fireworks

Local News Crew briefing LIVE on the event.

It wasn't that fancy fireworks as compared to others, but I really liked it. I love Santa Cruz.

Countdown started and everyone was mesmerized to welcome New year 2009.

After, shaking myself there for some minutes, I was heated up. Way back to intersection sidewalk, I got into one local pub and for few seconds I felt I was inside some hip-hop singer's music video. After spending some time there, I walked out, some casual see-off to my friend, I came back to fall on my bed.

Sweet dreams, I just welcomed 2009 along with other hundreds of people. This year, there wasn't huge crowd as I expected. dunno why. Last Halloween, was also comparatively so thin than previous years.


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