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Finally Microsoft Windows 7 Public Beta for download

Last week on Jan 7th evening, Microsoft CEO announced the release of Windows 7 public beta due on Jan 9th Friday. All the excited tech enthusiasts, users and testers were eager for the beta to try hands on. But It was delayed due to Microsoft's incapability to handle large volume of visitors on their servers at a given time frame.

Personally I was pretty much excited to download the Windows 7 beta and the very next morning on Jan 9th, I searched on Microsoft's website for any recent updates on download link of Windows 7 Beta but to my dismay, Microsoft's website was acting weird then. To me, it was intermittently accessible and very very slow. Other than microsoft's sites, all sites were swiftly accessible and loading properly.

Later at work, I checked the news and found that microsoft couldn't handle the unexpected and sudden massive hits on their servers. They went on building their infrastructure to cope up with the massive visits/downloads and for certain time, the release of Windows 7 Public beta was delayed and postponed until further notice. Ever since, their all sites are pretty slow to load. Even my Hotmail inbox is taking much much longer time to load than usual. I blame all those downloaders for this. Juz kidding..

Today, time: 12:11 am, my time here PST, Just checked on their site before going to bed and found they've a link to download the Windows 7 beta. I dropped the idea to sleep and now downloading the Windows 7 Beta. I read somewhere that they are allotting this download only to first 2 millions downloaders.

If you've firefox, don't try to download the beta, It wouldn't work at all. Use Internet Explorer and download the beta ISO(I'm not taking any responsibility of any damage caused by the use of Windows 7, seriously..).
- I'm download(ed)ing from this link below:
- Selected 32 bit version
- Took me to a page where It asked all my informations and my email address.
- After that, sent me a confirmation email on my email address where I was sent a link to verify that I'm myself - A frigging nerd downloader and excited beta-tester..
- Took me to yet another page and greeted me with 'successfully confirmed' or something like that. Gave me product key for Windows 7 Beta.
- Next on, it forced me to install ActiveX for a download manager. I faithfully did that without worrying and readying of my pc getting into trouble.
- Once done, it let me download their ISO. Oh yeah, they've their Windows 7 in ISO format. ISO is a single large file which is normally an exact copy of DVD which one can burn on physical DVD/CD or mount on virtual CD drives, it's upto him/herself. You must know how to do this.

phew.. my eyes are red(late night awakening) and I'm just staring at the screen right now, which looks something like below:

Pretty soon, I'm gonna experience and post reviews on Windows 7 from my end.

Thank you for reading my post.


Anonymous said…
Good download speed..
Mike said…
That would take a year to download ha for me. I do 1 kb per second, sometimes 3.

I hear it is very good though so far.

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