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Everyone who surfs internet should learn this

So many people still spend hundreds of words in emails trying to find meaning of the chat/online/net etiquettes that we netizens use often. Some similar incident happened to me lately. Someone in this universe of internet, whom I met online, came to me first asking about the words that I posted online, of course somewhere online. It was just regular online etiquette and believe me, it was so stupid to continue arguments with such people. That's how I realized after several exchange of conversations. Finally, that someone somehow admitted ignorance about these terms and showed some interest to learn . I would've taken it positively if that someone would have shown some interest to learn but instead kept arguing with me and that really pissed me off. Posting same ages old etiquette which I believe should be learned by every net surfer or everyone who is reading these words online. Just to escape from being lost, you can give it a try. Here we go, 0-9 1337 (written in ASC

The Pirate Bay Trial

The Latest buzz in tech world is Pirate Bay trial in Swedish Court. Some young lads namely Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, and Fredrik Neij from Sweden revolutionized the term ' P2P ' through their BitTorrent site called BitTorrent is protocol used to share files among connected computers all around the world. Torrents are files as a reference to some other seeder's files. Seeders are those guys who host the files on there computers and let other downloads off their computers. Those who downloads are called leechers. Combo of seeders and leechers, lets say, their communities are called peers. In this kind of network, there is no centralized server to deal with. Any individual system can act client/server at anytime. And the main acting agent here is BitTorrent client which is a software which acts as a medium to make all this things happen. One has to have high speed internet connection to allow download/upload same time. Based on th

Content Aware Image resizing

Content Aware Image resizing using a freeware tool called Seam Carving GUI . I've read that latest photoshop has incorporated this feature within application. This concept is developed by Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir, and now being used in most of the Graphic applications. The main purpose of this tool is to resize the part of the image without hindering the overall aspect ratio. I used the picture of my class fellows and removed my teacher Peggy(sorry teacher) from the scene. The application works great on images with plain background. I tried it on an image with irregular background and it's algorithm is almost perfect. This software called 'Seam Carving GUI' runs independently and doesn't even need to install. Just extract and run off the folder, open any image file, mark the area that you want to remove, click remove and see how this tool removes the area without much affecting the remaining aspect ratio of the image. Pretty nifty tools for image manipu

How to efile Income Tax Return Easily

Guys, believe it or not, filing tax seemed a very complicated process for me, when I heard the stories from my father and anyone whom I've talked about it. I was just discouraged to take any initiatives myself because they told me something's a long process, I need to get this accountant, do mathematics, pay him/her(accountant) few hundred bucks blah blah blah.. Since, this was my first year filing for tax, I wasn't sure, where to go and what to do. Last night, as I was checking my W-2 form, at the top right corner of it I noticed something written as 'E-File' with a link. Whaoo. How could I not see that Last week? May be I was busy checking my income stat and how much taxes I paid to federal and state etc. Whatever as soon as I saw that I fired up the link( on my computer's browser. Guys, if you are tech savvy and love everything starting with 'e' like 'e-file', e-mail etc, then it shouldn't take much

Google knocked out Internet Sites for 40 minutes

Between 6:30 a.m. PST and 7:25 am PST(9:30 a.m. EST and 10:25 a.m. EST) this morning, Google listed almost all internet sites as harmful sites. Every Googler who searched during that time frame were greeted with the awkwardly insane message 'This Site may harm your computer'. Even Google's own search portal was marked as culprit, who's to blame, nobody..error happens Google in tie with has been blacklisting all those sites which contained malicious scripts as harmful malicious sites warning Googlers for potential threats. has been listing all the sites as harmful which they later on would send it to Google to update it's search databases, But, something went wrong as what Google mentioned as the 'human error'on their side where the URL of '/' was mistakenly checked in as a value to the file(malicious) and '/' expanded to all URLS and they mixed up all genuine as well as threat sites as baddies. I was oblivi