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Circuit City is Back

Few months ago, I wrote a post how economy downturn has forced major IT companies to kneel down. I then wrote some words on Circuit City liquidation . Here is somewhat good news. Recently, Circuit City is back. If you check it's domain, you'll see gadgets listed on sale instead of company liquidation note. On May 19th, Systemax bought all online properties of Circuit City including it's domain. Systemax are the guys behind tigerdirect and compusa. You can read Circuit city re-launch press release by clicking here. Since the Circuit City is under new ownership, it's legally not liable for any previous debts and refunds/replacements or any other previous warranty claims. Just checking core of it's shopping cart and other area of the site, it's truly not operating independently rather backed by Systemax's server system. Thus, it's not really circuit city that once we had seen as a big corporate retailer in our neighborhood but mere online retailer.

Google unveiled amazing search options

I wrote few days ago about Wolfram Search(so-called 'Google-Killer') on this very blog, and today, Google has taken some of it's tools out. Google is going to dominate Search Engine world with it's new killer features. The new features include blazing fast, accurate and time relevant search results. If you've cared, they've stuck a new option called 'Show Option' on their search result page. Just click there, you'll see the another realm of search. new 'Show Option' on Google's search result page new search features unveiled I used to go to 'advanced search' to look for time based content. But with this new feature on, it's pretty quick. Just click one of those time related link like anything posted in past 24 hours/week/year etc. If you want to check reviews, just click 'reviews', if it's for videos, just click 'videos', no more fiddling with keywords and phrases. Google has made our lives easier wi

iPod Vs Zune

A survey showed that the sale of music in digital form has skyrocketed. iPod's iTunes,Zune's subscription based service, amazon's downloadable paid songs etc are the very few notable manifestations to talk about in this context. These people who are so used to with their universe of mp3 songs, most of them don't even realize there exists lossless audio formats like FLAC (delivering high fidelity and top-notch sound reproduction) and they seem not to bother about it but audiophiles. There is AD wars going on these days between Microsoft and Apple. Few weeks ago, when I sat in front of my TV, most of the channels were infested with ridiculously funny 'I'm a PC'-'I'm a Mac' commercials. Today, on Youtube I saw an Ad by Microsoft on how ZUNE is superior to iPod in terms of money being spent over it per song. According to the AD guy, he tells it costs almost $30,000 to fill 120 GB iPod. Technically he's right, paying a buck a song. And what he

Amazon Kindle's latest incarnation, Kindle DX

What is Kindle? Just ask anybody and if they've any clue, they'll tell you it's alternative to reading papers. It's a portable electronic book reader. The prominent and selling point of this device is the anti-glare technology that Amazon's incorporated into it. It just feels like an ordinary paper which you could read even on direct sunlight. Most of today's TFT LCDs are cursed by the glaring reflection under sun and it's almost impossible to read things on those Laptops or anything with those screens when put under direct light. Amazon claimed it's not the case with Kindle and Kindle's sale skyrocketed. Three months ago, Amazon released it's 2nd generation Kindle 2 promising bigger screen size, better battery life and ergonomic. So report showed it's impressive sale despite downgrading economy. Now, this week Amazon has come up with new Kindle 3, sorry KINDLE DX, a promising nice slap to Kindle 2 buyers, who must have felt cheated/robb

Wolfram Search - Is it the Next Big Search Engine?

Meanwhile Yahoo and MSN are struggling for it's existence against Google's unmatched dominance in Search Engine business, there are new kids on the block popping out claiming themselves better than Google in every aspects. Last year, Cuil (mean Knowledge in Irish) claimed it's better than Google's search technology in a way that it's search results are totally unique and outputs most relevant searches than Google's sometime's gibberish results. They were just starting then and may be couldn't have finished indexing even over million pages. I gave few keyword searches and Cuil couldn't give a result near what I looked for while I knew the page was right there when searched on Google. Cuil's search wasn't that effective. I searched things on Cuil today(after a year I guess) and it's bit impressive. Here is another search engine which is creating lots of buzz in the ' Cloud '. Wolfram Alpha , a new “Computational Knowledge Engi

Panda released first Cloud Antivirus FREE

Panda Security announced the first global release of Panda Cloud Antivirus. If you've heard of cloud computing, then it's an addition to that evolution where all computing processes are utilized and executed remotely. We're in the verge of cloud computing. Panda Security claims they've set a landmark by offering first Cloud based Antivirus to the public. Unlike traditional approach, where it is must to keep definition files up-2-date and enable certain features like heuristic scanning ON all the time, Panda Cloud Antivirus needs none of them. Thus, a computer will be constantly protected from any infection. The only requirement is to use their proprietary cloud computing technology called Collective Intelligence to detect viruses,malwares,rootkits etc. This collective Intelligence puts you into their scanning list where their server is constantly monitoring your computer activities though their client called Panda Cloud Antivirus for any suspicious activities. Panda