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Acer to become the world's second Largest PC manufacturer surpassing Dell

It's considered that Dell and HP are the big players in the computer business. Who would've thought Acer would surpass them? Taiwan based, PC vendor has become the world's second largest PC manufacturer. Many people here in Western are surprised with the news. How come a non-US manufacturer top the chart exceeding the sales amazingly in USA? Statistically, big names like Dell and HP have suffered huge percentage of loss in yester years as compared to Acer's. The sole reason of this loss being their firm attitude selling high-priced computer system. Their oblivious attitude towards growing economic crisis has sunken their PC sales whereas Acer acted smartly and jumped into production of low cost, yet fancy and extremely portable netbooks. With their skyrocketing sales of Netbook, other vendors couldn't resist the urge and hurdled into the race. It seems Acer is still ahead of all according to their spiking sales chart reports. As a matter of fact, it's not on

Windows 7 wait is over

I've been desperately waiting for Microsoft Windows 7 final(previously codenamed Vienna/Blackcomb) since past few months use of it's beta version. Finally the wait is over. Windows 7 is gonna be available on Oct 22nd,2009 in different flavors. I didn't realize before why Microsoft has been doing this like serving different version of their ultimate product but considering the fact that many people won't be using the same hardwares and features, I see the clue. You can't have feature-rich full blown Windows 7 on your netbook with limited resource. But people have like "I need Windows 7, no matter what" mentality. Besides, you may not want to end up paying for unneeded features with a feeling "Gosh, I never needed this stuff, MS ripped me off". Literally, there are many many aspects to take care of and with what Microsoft doing is and has been doing seem perfectly okay. It is trying to reach as many end users as possible and that I guess is excel

Rapidshare faces hard time

German royalties collector GEMA which brought the case against Rapidshare, has finally convinced a German court that around 5,000 songs are publicly and illegaly available on its server. The court also ruled that Rapidshare had not taken enough preventive measures to stop illegal sharing of digital contents via it's service. So, Rapidshare has been fined 24 million Euros. To sustain in the business, Rapidshare has been ordered to strictly filter the content in coming days. Rapidshare which goes by 'Easy FileHosting' slogan is facing a 'hard time' sharing files in coming days According to a GEMA Statement,"The judgment states that the hosting service itself is now responsible for making sure that none of the music tracks concerned are distributed via its platform in the future. This means that the copyright holder is no longer required to perform the ongoing and complex checks." To read more on this drama, GEMA's statement(in German) can be read he

Coolest Band I've ever listened to in long time

Give yourself some adrenaline moment. Recently stumbled upon one indie Rock band while listening to one local station. One song led me to fantabulous galore of orgasmic musical world. This is just my view, nothing to be taken seriously when I wrote 'orgasmic'. Never been introduced to rock band so cool as this. They're called Gossip . I like almost all songs from their latest album 'Music for men'. This never happened to me before. I was selective and few of the songs were totally worthless and used to get rid of them. But 'Gossip - Music for Men' which I paid $20(w/taxes) has almost all songs which are totally undeniable. All fav'd. Meantime, I'm checking their older album and listening to their previews. Of all, Standing In The Way Of Control song is pretty convincing and awesome. Amazon let me download it for almost a dollar. You can listen to the preview of their album. Click it below. Made it easy for you, If you like you can buy 'em

The World's First 32 GB DDR3 Memory Module

Single 32 GB DDR3 Memory Module is the latest buzz. Samsung has unveiled the world's first 32GB DDR3 memory module tuned for use in servers. The module operates at 1.35 volts and supports the trend in reducing power usage in data centers around the world. The RAM uses the Samsung 50nm 4Gb DDR3 chips. The modules improve throughput by 20% compared to 1.5V DDR3 modules and the lower power consumption saves power. Power savings in large data centers can add up to massive amounts of money. The 32GB RDIMM is made of up to 72 4Gb DDR3 chip dies using Samsung 50nm class DRAM technology. A row of nine quad-die packaged 16Gb DDR3s are mounted on each side of the printed circuit board to total 32GB of memory. According to the sources, this will set an achievement in the history of computing and will be affordable to home users in near future. The price has not been released yet. Thank you for reading this post. src

I'm Back

Guys, I'm back and I've come back with a determination to write at least one post per day. Some posts that I've written in past took lots of research,effort, test and trial and so. Based on those conclusions, I wrote them and you liked them too. Past few weeks, if I said that I got too busy and couldn't write a single words would be the lamest excuse to make and only losers make excuses. But, I realized how fast time passed by. 2-check deposit slips on my desk and didn't even realized that almost a month is gone. Felt almost like some movie scene being fast-forwarded. Checked the date on my blog's last post and it's horribly too long time that I've not written a word since. uh uh... Actually, something dawned on me this morning when I read news about Perez hilton beat up. That guy invited that himself and he's now readying to sue the afro assaulter. I checked some videos following news and he was whining. I felt he being so arrogant and self-cente