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Windows 7 wait is over

I've been desperately waiting for Microsoft Windows 7 final(previously codenamed Vienna/Blackcomb) since past few months use of it's beta version. Finally the wait is over. Windows 7 is gonna be available on Oct 22nd,2009 in different flavors.

I didn't realize before why Microsoft has been doing this like serving different version of their ultimate product but considering the fact that many people won't be using the same hardwares and features, I see the clue. You can't have feature-rich full blown Windows 7 on your netbook with limited resource. But people have like "I need Windows 7, no matter what" mentality. Besides, you may not want to end up paying for unneeded features with a feeling "Gosh, I never needed this stuff, MS ripped me off". Literally, there are many many aspects to take care of and with what Microsoft doing is and has been doing seem perfectly okay. It is trying to reach as many end users as possible and that I guess is excellent marketing approach.

Different flavors of Windows 7 announced are:
Windows 7 Home Premium($200)
Windows 7 Professional($300)
Windows 7 Ultimate($320)

One could get the same stuff in upgradeable forms(if you want to upgrade from your old Windows) too.
Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade($120)
Windows 7 Professional Upgrade($200)
Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade($220)

As you can see, full version and upgrade version differs greatly in price. All of it are available for pre-orders on major e-retail sites like and so. The only catch here is the heavy discount one is getting on upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional. They don't have any discounted offer for Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade though.

Rate of pre-order discount on 2 Upgrade version of Windows 7 is:
Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade $49.99($120)
Windows 7 Professional upgrade $99.99($200)

Pre-order discount of Windows 7 started yesterday on June 26 and will be through till July 11 here in the U.S and Canada but will end July 5 in Japan. Similarly, in the U.K.,France and Germany, the same discount will start on July 15.

Considering this discount, I pre-ordered professional edition(at 50% discount) for $99 as it's best suited to my needs. Check the following chart for all the features on different flavors of Windows 7(Click image to enlarge it) :

The most frequently asked questions:
Q. Will 'Windows 7 upgrade' works on all previous version of Windows??
A. Microsoft says it works but asks user to backup all important files before doing that. As Windows 7 is promoted widely with nearly the notion of 'Upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7' easily, the doubt is growing if all previous version of Windows could be upgraded without flaws. The doubt is over, Windows 7 upgrade should work on previous versions of Windows but back it up. Personally, I recommend take image of your OS.

Q. Can 'Windows 7 upgrade' be installed on fresh new harddrive or partition?
A. There is a growing argument if one could install 'Windows 7 Upgrade' on fresh harddrive without any previous Windows on it. One group admits that one has to have previous version like Windows XP to install 'Windows 7 upgrade' whereas another group is firm about the fact that there is no need of Windows XP or Vista to install 'Windows 7 upgrade'. The only deal here is that one has to install the 'Windows 7 upgrade' twice if he/she wants to fresh install it on harddrive with no OS.
The following is the excerpt of the growing online debate:
hamiltonstallings said:
I'm not sure if this will work with Windows 7, but, with Windows Vista you could install the upgrade version on a completely clean partition. I just did it the other day.

The trick is you have to install it without entering the key, then once its done, reboot from the DVD drive and install again, this time entering a key (total of 2 installs). It works and validates.

And, this trick should work with Windows 7 too and thats what many OEM builders believe.

Q. Is Windows 7 as same as Windows Vista?
A. I don't know but with short experience with Windows 7 beta, I think Windows 7 and Windows Vista are different stories. Officially, everyone is claiming Windows 7 is totally different architecture far more efficient and superior than Windows Vista. And, I'm compelled to support this claim.

Q. Should I upgrade to Windows 7?
A. If you are happy with your current system, may be you don't need to but with latest technology and chips, to utilize all it's resources and also if you don't wanna feel outdated, then you can hop into Windows 7 bandwagon. I've pre-ordered because, I don't want to feel outdated.

Q. Can I have Windows 7 upgrade in 32/64 bit?
A. They say, sure you can. It's all in one DVD.

Well, the wait is over for me, I'm happy and eagerly counting days to Oct, 22nd. I'm gonna install it on New Harddrive. I don't know how old your system but you still may wanna use Windows 7 upgrade advisor software to check if your system is compatible. With it's non-demanding requirement setup, I think every system of todays should be fine unless it's historical PC from 10 years ago. If you are interested, you can pre-order and get discount. Just click the banner below and it'll take you to Amazon. Amazon is my favorite hangout and I buy stuffs from their all the time. If you've your favorite e-store, be sure to check for this time-limited pre-order discount on Windows 7.

Thank you for reading my post.


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