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YouTube will no longer downscale 1080p HD content

YouTube is a great source of any kind of video. As we know, YouTube has done a lot of improvements in recent years. Last year, it premiered first ever LIVE streaming content, that was a huge blast I experienced that right on my computer screen. Then they launched widescreen video format in high quality. They, later on, put full featured movies to watch, TV episodes and more. Now, they will no longer downscale any of you guy's videos taken in high resolution like 1080p . Anyone of you skeptical, not getting TV's luxury in computer screen is no more a truth. Even web's video will have high resolution details. Expect no more blurred low resolution cheesy videos in coming years. Thanks to Digital companies who are bringing out Hi-def camera's at an affordable price and thanks to YouTube keeping up with the trend. This is what YouTube has to say "..And those of you who have already uploaded in 1080p, don't worry. We're in the process of re-encoding your vi

Aluratek AIRJ01F USB Internet Radio Jukebox

Got one of these myself, it's pretty cool because even the mightiest Winamp's shoutcast and other online radio's quality fall short in front of Aluratek AIRJ01F USB Internet Radio's consistency. It allows you to access more than 13,000 radio stations in over 300 countries around the world with no monthly fees. Simply insert the USB Internet Radio Jukebox into your computer's USB port and you have a world of entertainment at your fingertips via Aluratek's internet media player. You can search for music geographically by continent/country/state or by the more than 50 different available genres including a wealth of news and sports radio stations broadcast throughout the world. Once you find a favorite station whether it is from your local country or while visiting other countries around the world, simply add it to your favorites folder. You can also search for the top ten radio stations in each country or by each genre and cast your own vote for each channel. N

Asteroid nearly hit Earth

Scientists noticed an incoming Asteroid towards Earth Surface with just 15 hours warning. Had it not changed the course, it could've turn a busy city into debris. Life is not like in a movie, you see a big alien object coming towards Earth,you start shooting missiles with nuclear weapons loaded, and destroy it. That's just a movie. This real life incident has proved that how insignificant we are, how incapable and pathetic our technology which couldn't detect anything like this before it entered our orbit and almost neared within 8,700 miles and missed our planet Earth. Comparatively, this thing was 30 times closer than Moon.And they noticed it 23 ft in size. Nothing to worry about. That's what they are saying even if it had hit the Earth. Something like this which couldn't be burnt down by our atmosphere and still progressed towards us, is of course not a subject of denial. People at those centers who take pride scanning galaxies and universe, should warn peop

10,000 Copies of Windows 7 Pro for Free

Based on a brief chit-o-chat with Allen Bailochan Tuladhar(Chief Executive Officer of Unlimited NuMedia Pvt Ltd,Microsoft Development Partner in Nepal) last week, I came to learn about his good Samaritan activities. He helped distribution of over 2,700 copies of latest Windows 7 Professional to students for free. He is one of those guys, who has helped to localize Windows XP back in those days. He tried to make it understandable by even those Nepalese who couldn't read and write English. I must say, it's the continuation of his free will of voluntarily helping people to understand and experience latest, new and cutting edge technologies. It's an honor to write about people like him who is at least taking care of what IT Ministry should've done. I wish someday government step in and expedite the effort of people like Allen B Tuladhar. According to him, he has already finished covering 5 colleges, seminar focused on helping students to use and learn new software, and

Graph Out Loud

Only Graphs, can make you chuckle or Graph Out Loud. Wanna bet? Leave this post a rating/comment. :) Thanks GraphJam for all these images.

Google gives you Administrative power via GOOGLE DASHBOARD

Google has recently launched a new tool called Google Dashboard. Till date, what was limited only to Google Staffs, is now under everyone's reach. Google's gregarious tools are just irresistible and everyone who used it once in a while must have wondered about their data and information scattered all over the Google apps. Guys, worry no more. Here is the Google Dashboard. According to Google's blog, "Google Dashboard is a new service that shows a summary of the data stored with a Google account. The dashboard lists some of the information associated with the Google services you use: your name, your email address, the number of contacts, the number of conversations in your Gmail inbox, your Google profile, the most recent entries from the web history etc. It's a long answer to the question: "What does Google know about me?". Well, that's simply what Google Dashboard is about. I just dug into it and it gave me full control over how I use my info

How to fight Swine Flu Naturally

I'd be lying if I say I've never been to doctor with seasonal Flu complaints. But, ever since I knew the secret of fighting FLU naturally, I'm honest enough here to admit that I'm almost invincible to Flu. Flu symptoms varies with persons, it can be mild or severe. Some of these are fever,muscle ache,chills,tiredness,dry cough,sore throat,runny nose,nausea,vomiting or in some cases even diarrhea. Flu starts with one of these symptoms and if not cared promptly could become severe leading to bed-rest situation. To my experience, Flu mainly affects your respiratory system. Thereby, it's very important to keep your respiratory tract strong and immune. It also affects your digestion which leads to poor metabolism,nausea and vomiting. Body temperature fluctuates abnormally so, it's a must to take rest with a lot of hot fluid intake. I preferably don't recommend taking in zinc as people in western do a lot. I don't even recommend taking anything made of

Buy a Used XBox 360 and that's BANNED

Microsoft just changed it's policies on it's XBox 360 console. And, huge portion of it's team is after banning XBox Live accounts all over the US and other countries. This is a huge blow to all the consumers who mistakenly bought the used and banned XBox 360. According to Microsoft, if you got a message on your console as: “This console has been banned for violations of the Terms of Use. To protect the Xbox LIVE service and its members, Microsoft does not provide details about console bans. There is no recourse for Terms of Use violations.” there could be number of reasons: * Console tampering: Physically opening the Xbox and modifying it to play illegitimate software. * Online fraud: Attempting to social engineer users, take over Xbox LIVE accounts, or other fraudulent activities. * Repeat egregious violations: Multiple actions taken on accounts on the console by the Enforcement team for disrupting the service or impacting users. Obviously, not a chance