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Mom calls 911 over son's video game habit

Are you an avid video gamer or simply game-addict? Whatever it is, addiction is very bad. Too much of everything has never been good. I've seen in my surrounding how kids are stuck with games all the time. One of my family friends always complained how her son is stuck with those games day and night. I feel sorry for her. These activities are killing their normal activities which they should've been doing instead. When I see these kids and when they don't listen to, I sometimes feel these kids are turning themselves into glued-zombies. This Boston mom actually called out cops. The reason to call 911 is because of her son's video game addiction. 14 Years old had no choice except getting some brief counseling from cops that he should obey her mom's request. Pretty interesting news. Now, you kids, don't be a zombie, be a human. Thank you for reading my post. News src: here

Holiday Deals

Personally I shelled out all my money for shopping on Thanksgiving last month. But holiday season is still on and people are quite cautious how they spend their money considering the economy like this. Retailers, esp online retailers according to one statistic, are doing great business. People are saving on gas, avoid trip and hustling instead sitting inside their cozy rooms and shop online. I dare to put my whole story why I always favored online shopping here . If you are one of those frugal peeps, deal hunters/mongers, I've found pretty nifty sites. I used to hop into sites checking their season deals. The only thing troubled me then is hopping into sites. That became frustration visiting each and every sites every time. Then some of these sites came whose scripts flash out the deals from almost all popular retailers established online and at one place. Imagine having over 50 retailers deal flashing out at one place. That's the catch here baby. Deals of America I like

Setup Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) in a minute for FREE

Now so many companies are coming out to aid cloud computing . Setting up a Virtual Private Network is still hassles for many but now if you consider this Free Hamachi, you are lucked out. If you ever need to access your files on your home computers from anywhere on the go, say from your office or say if you need to play LAN games through or say you need to do anything on your home computer remotely like printing and stuff like that, Hamachi is the answer. Hamachi is a totally free service for non-commercial personal use. Give it a try else be left out. Thanks for reading my post.