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i-Pad lacks innovation

As soon as I watched Steve Job's keynote on it's slate PC called Apple iPad, all those TV pundits started their silly arguments. Those female gossips compared the name to their tampons. That was the idiotic comment I've ever heard in long time. The thing is not yet out in the market and those so-called Media anchors were giving out ideas as if they've already owned it. That's why I switch the channel whenever there is any kind of debates run by these idiots who knows nothing but run insanely crazy idiotic debate shows. They speak 20% truth and 80% of their remarks are all based on their own imaginations,guessworks and rumors. That's why I urge not to fall for comments of any kind made by these media people. Despite being an ardent Apple hater, I liked the idea of Apple iPad. Most importantly, the price. It's gonna be available for mere $500. Now, look at those names Apple has set for before. As rumored, it's not i-Slate or some other stupid names spre

China pushes out Google

A while ago, China-based Google's servers were massively attacked by the hackers. The intrusion caused a lot of tension that now it has reached the state level issue. Even more, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's speech on this issue infuriated Chinese Officials temperament. Remarks like 'Information Imperialism' are coming out from Chinese side. What was in that speech? Part of the speech was " In an interconnected world, an attack on one nation's networks can be an attack on all. " This is obvious to me that Chinese hackers attack on Google's servers is the attack on US. The message is conveyed. I just wish this doesn't go any further than that. It kind of looked like a movie called 'wargame', where one kid accesses a network thinking it's not inter-connected, and launches a cyber-war game just out of fun. Later, it turned out to be connected to security networks and the simulation of attacks taking place in virtual world, a

Watch TV shows for free

If you've good bandwidth, then you can watch quite Popular TV streams for free online. Better your bandwidth, better would be the stream and overall quality. I don't really watch these channels a lot, but everytime I watched, it was a great experience. There is one submenu called "webcam" entirely dedicated to LIVE feeds from around the world and this is the one I like the most. I'm not much off a TV buff, but just being able to see things LIVE around the world from one time zone makes you feel distinct and so, it's my fav. I'm writing about This is what I've been able to fetch from their html description tag FreeTube - a service that lets you watch live Internet TV channels online for free without the need for any special hardware, software or subscription service. We are a completely free alternative to cable or satellite television that lets you watch tv channels and tv shows online using just your browser. Simply select a genr

What is the real message of 'AVATAR' ?

Very Well done movie, Avatar, broke the record high earning of 'Titanic' for 12 years by earning $505.1 million dollar just in 32 days. It also bagged Golden Globe Winner few days ago. Director James Cameron must be the luckiest man to break not only his own record, but the record of 'Dark Knight's $500 million dollar earning in 45 days in 2008. This movie is definitely for everyone but different group of people are taking it in different ways. Avatar, to some extent, is being politicized here and there. People are afraid of it's fame and popularity. They are oblivious of the fact that more they try to defame or insult, more people flocked into the cinema hall to watch it. It's word of mouth, that made this movie a bit hit. I wouldn't spread a word if it's not a great movie but I made my whole family, anyone I know watch this movie. Needless to say now, I watched it twice and planning to watch it in 3D real soon for the third time. I didn't take it

Man busted for using Twitter

Be very careful what you write or post comments on any social network sites like Twitter. A 26 years old, Paul Chambers, was apprehended and held in jail for 7 hours as a suspect terrorist after what he twitted in twitter. For some reason, his flight through Robin Hood Airport(UK) was delayed and out of frustration he made the comment like that to amuse his friends. It proved to be the pricey comment of his life he's ever made for free on twitter. His iPhone, laptop and home computer have been confiscated and he's banned to enter Robin Hood Airport for life. And, now he is spreading the lesson he learned " My advice to anyone using social networking sites is to be very careful what you say, we are living in a sensitive world and anything risque you post could be taken in the wrong way. ’ He's released on bail though. Spread the word. Learn your lesson early. Thank you for reading my post. src

FOSS is rejected by CAN InfoTech Nepal 2010

FOSS community in Nepal has not been allowed a kiosk in Nepal's own Consumer Electronic Show 'CAN InfoTech Nepal 2010' going to be held soon in this month of January. As cheesy as the name sounds, Computer Association of Nepal has taken out the fair opportunity to participate in IT show like this or I would assume they've gone making more capital profit. FOSS usually had a small cubicle in this large show where they were focused towards awareness about open source software. This time, the opportunity has been waived. More students would flock in, the dealers would find more scapegoats and realm of Free Open Source world would get hit one more time by big corp. Sorry, FOSS!!! Time to spend money and create awareness. Thank you for reading my post.