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What is the real message of 'AVATAR' ?

Very Well done movie, Avatar, broke the record high earning of 'Titanic' for 12 years by earning $505.1 million dollar just in 32 days. It also bagged Golden Globe Winner few days ago. Director James Cameron must be the luckiest man to break not only his own record, but the record of 'Dark Knight's $500 million dollar earning in 45 days in 2008.

This movie is definitely for everyone but different group of people are taking it in different ways. Avatar, to some extent, is being politicized here and there. People are afraid of it's fame and popularity. They are oblivious of the fact that more they try to defame or insult, more people flocked into the cinema hall to watch it. It's word of mouth, that made this movie a bit hit. I wouldn't spread a word if it's not a great movie but I made my whole family, anyone I know watch this movie. Needless to say now, I watched it twice and planning to watch it in 3D real soon for the third time. I didn't take it politically but the message was clear, there is no alien. All are friends, you can resonate with aliens and vice versa. There is a message of brotherhood. The people who only saw the defeat of human or certain group, didn't see the same human is depicted as hero in Alien's body.

One more thing, Westerners borrowed the word 'Avatar' from Sanskrit. So, it feels great to see the exchange of words. 'Avatar' is reincarnation of any godly figure into body of sentient being. The way these guys are pronouncing this word is very weird though.

Overall, this movie is a great watch. I'm not gonna leak a word on the story, I urge You go and watch it yourself.

James Cameron, you've always rocked, this time too. Congrats !!!


saturday land of dakinis said…
AVATAR! You got it totally wrong way bro, it's not alien as aliens are meant to be from outer planet. Also there's countless beings in other planets and you can get to know it if you can get yourself busy thinking on the different beings living on different temperatures like some fish being able to live well in hot water located near active volcano in the sea, these fishes can live only in that hot water and can't live in any of other parts of cool/warm sea etc. You know some insect do live and eat in fire, for such insect fire is home for them, it's also food for them. You know that there's places for living life for some kind of live as man can live only on open places with lots of oxygen and fishes in water, fishes can't live long on open places with oxygen and men can't live long in water. Just make yourself to feel as opened and high as sky(space) and those germs and bacteria as beings and your pulses etc as planets in space. Now think how's the germs and bacteria and doing to live their life and so forth. Are they all doing hard job or not, are they fighting for peace or not, when where and how are they living, how many of them did die when an arteriod(medicines consumed by us) hit their planets several times. Well if you think this way you'll get to know there's lots of other beings in outer world as it does inside our body. The beings from outer world are known as alien and they maybe better or poorer than us in things. So we can't say which type of alien we might get face to face in future. Anyway there's chance of alien to appear in our earth, in other hand if you say if there's no alien then you must also accept that there's no human etc for the reality of everythings is emptiness, otherwise you must have to accept anythings possible as it's the power(reflection) of emptiness. Am very bad in english so hope you might find my writings funny, but it's loaded with knowledges for person like you. Am scientist for myself and I know(believe) that anything is possible for anybody/everybody. To make things possible we need to do thing or things for many times until we do succeed in progress of making things possibles. Bro you can call me anything as scientist, professor, doctor, artist, love guru, student, teacher(joking), etc because am good in lots of different things. Hope to meet you in nepal after 35 days for more lessons to share with. Thank you bro for reading my words written for you.
Navin said…
Your words are very nice. I really appreciate your kind knowledge poured upon me.

But we are, de facto, aliens even within this atmosphere of the Planet Earth once we cross the boundaries set by humans.
mekinudols said…
"I didn't take it politically but the message was clear, there is no alien. All are friends, you can resonate with aliens and vice versa. There is a message of brotherhood. The people who only saw the defeat of human or certain group, didn't see the same human is depicted as hero in Alien's body." ->agree :)

but in my thoughts, it shows to me of being defeated by someone who has the power to put the law in their own hands. ugh, am I being too political here? just sharing my thoughts :)
saturday land of dakinis said…
Ani choeying dolma sings = Phulko aankhama phulai sansara, kaandako aankhama kaandai sansara.......

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