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'whois' any domain from command prompt

How do you 'whois' a domain? As a Windows User, most probably you would have no option other than using third-party websites like to query any domain. whois But Sysinternal's Mark Russinovich(who is now with Microsoft) created small whois DOS application many years ago. Just fire up the command prompt, type in ' whois ' and you'll see the business,administrative and technical contacts with informations such as email and phone number as well. You can download 'whois' from the link below: I've almost all applications made by Mark Russinovich stuffed into one USB flash drive and I use it when necessary. It's like a swissknife to troubleshoot most of the Windows PC problems. I recommend have a read before using those tools. It's simple to understand. And the fun part is, you'll leave your client dazed with what you did using all tho

Finally Google Phone in Gmail is here, Call anywhere around the world

Make free calls using Gmail anywhere in US and Canada. This is the latest update from Google team. It took me few seconds to set it up and to do test call on my own cellular phone. No more hassles of boring installation and audio/video setup wizard. Google has been delivering outstanding services so far. Few of it's projects were big flop in the past but whatsoever, this Google phone service integration from inside Gmail is a smart move. You can still do all those basic free things like Gmail-2-Gmail user video/text chatting for communication atop the email service. In addition to that, this newly added phone service has expanded the scope. One can call any phones in the world. They don't have to have computer to receive calls. I think Google is changing slightly the concept of PC-2-phone services. The most important thing while using Google phone service from Gmail is the ease of use. Read official blog note on this service here Is it time to say goodbye to other fish

My Nintendo 3DS review and speculation

Nintendo DS revolutionized the way people played games. It topped the chart as the best selling among the portable handheld gaming devices. With it's first generation Nintendo DS announced on November 13,2003 due for release the following year, it created hype and so far delivered it. After it's huge success, Nintendo released the Nintendo DS lite, a redesign on March 2, 2006. It was slimmer and brighter than it's predecessor with added features. Then on October 2,2008, Nintendo came up with another version of Nintendo DS known as Nintendo DSi. Few Unique things about it was two cameras and DSi shops for DSiwares. And not so long ago, on October 29, 2009, they announced Nintendo DSi XL which was also sold as Nintendo DSi LL in Japan. The most intriguing feature of this particular model was massive screen. It packed in all the improved features from it's older models but with significant huge screen and audio capability. I happen to own two models on my possession; Ninte

Mars-500, Boriska and hype

Whatever we've seen on TVs or Movies about manned Mar's landing are far from reality. May be in a distant future, we could be seen mars landing. But in the present context, we are so much indulged into selfish wars, it's almost impossible to dream about those things. Sometimes I wonder we human will be the reason of our own extinction from this planet Earth. Anyway, there is an experiment going on which is called Mars-500. If you've not read/heard about it, then it's something about getting ready for Mar's landing. This ground-based experiment is being observed at the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Biomeidcal Problems in Moscow,Russia. This is the longest stage of the experiment intended to simulate a complete 520-day mission to Mars. It began on June 3,2010. It includes a series of experiments simulating these or those aspects of an interplanetary manned flight. The main part is a series of experiments on long-term isolation of the crew in condi

Be my love when the fire is low

Freshlyground, a South African band who performed together with Shakira in 2010 Fifa World Cup, if I've to comment in one word is simply scrumptious. You just can't get enough. I loved every songs in their bucket. For more information on the band, here is the wiki .  Be my love when the fire is low, is such  a beautiful song, I want to share it through my blog. For all humming birds, lyrics is pasted below. Chorus 2x Be my love when the fire is low When the fire is low, when the fire Verse 1 Have a wonderful time, and don't forget to write to me Be like the swallows and remember home as a loving tree I feel silence is best enjoyed with an open heart beating next to you But for now be my darling and whisper your words to the rolling moon Chorus 2x Be my love when the fire is low When the fire is low, when the fire Verse 2 Bear in mind the words of strangers may lead you astray for everything you knew was true Every corner of tomorrow may bring the s

Growing Need for VPS hosting

Before I jump into VPS hosting and start blabbering on it, let me tell you something about how the web hosting business kicked off. Before DOT COM fever, it was only those few fortunate businesses and corporate offices who acquired domains/hosting for exposure. For average site goers, it was almost like an out of reality stuff to achieve limited by the boundary of their budget. The humongous pricing was easy enough to ward off the thoughts of having one's page online. During and after the dot com boom, Internet has become affordable for everyone. Even average Joe could buy a domain and web host services at very affordable price. With the advent of faster internet services, every individual started to set up his/her own personal pages. Slowly, small businesses realized it's potentials and jumped on the dot com train. It was already a status symbol for huge companies to have an online presence. So, this boom resulted birth to tripling numbers of websites being published every f

How to safeguard against money stealing Trojans like Zeus v3

One fine morning you wake up, as usual you check your online banking and to your dismay, all you see in your account balances is zero 000000. How would you feel? Over 3000 account holders in UK (United Kingdom, Britain) felt ground slipping away from their feet when they figured this out. This news was reported yesterday on the cloud. I'm  not here to report the same news. How do you get infected with malwares? All these brilliant minds at dirty works create malwares and malicious scripts. One report says these people even pay big chunks out of their pocket to put their malicious ads on high traffic popular sites. Their Ad is the host of all the malwares/ill programs. Visitors click those Ads or view them in some manner and that's how they transfer the trojans into the system. Malwares are not often as destructive as virus. They sneak attack and work behind the curtain unnoticed.  There are assumptions that some legitimate bank sites were hosting these malwares through th

Internet age students stealing informations for their projects

Internet age students, they have no shame in copying-pasting materials off the internet without proper reference and labeling it under their own names for their projects. Internet as known as the sea of information is growing every second but there is a deep concern among intellects when people uses those information ditto without giving proper credentials. On the other hand, plagiarism is killing creativity or say, they are not using their brain to create an article of their own. It takes great deal of time and thinking to create one and this generation now is getting lazy and careless . more...