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Growing Need for VPS hosting

Before I jump into VPS hosting and start blabbering on it, let me tell you something about how the web hosting business kicked off. Before DOT COM fever, it was only those few fortunate businesses and corporate offices who acquired domains/hosting for exposure. For average site goers, it was almost like an out of reality stuff to achieve limited by the boundary of their budget. The humongous pricing was easy enough to ward off the thoughts of having one's page online.

During and after the dot com boom, Internet has become affordable for everyone. Even average Joe could buy a domain and web host services at very affordable price. With the advent of faster internet services, every individual started to set up his/her own personal pages. Slowly, small businesses realized it's potentials and jumped on the dot com train. It was already a status symbol for huge companies to have an online presence. So, this boom resulted birth to tripling numbers of websites being published every few seconds. Most of these huge number of professional sites started their internet sites on shared hosting.

Shared hosting is a platform where single resources are utilized by multiple users. In this scenario, the traffic and activities of other users will adversely affect one's operation. It was like one room populated with so many people. So, this kind of shared web hosting has very limited features and lack flexibility.

And then to meet growing need of these particular group who needed stable and rock-solid performance during it's peak hours, a concept of dedicated server was born and they were offered with the powerful features. Dedicated hosting offers the entire server at your service. One can have full control over the server including the choice of OS,hardware etc. Server dependant commands can be issued as per requirement. To lease these kind of server housed in data centers are still beyond the reach of people with normal pay. It's still too expensive.

As Internet grew (I know it's still growing), new technology and concepts emerged. With the social network sites coming into the scene, many writers and internet users turned themselves to online journal writers called blogger. Many of these bloggers now are so professional that they lure millions of hits in a month. Limited shared hosting couldn't handle this influx of visitors.  They needed to find an effective solution that bridges the gap between the limitations of shared hosting and the flexibility of dedicated server hosting. This is where VPS(Virtual Private Server) hosting is born.

Now is the generation of VPS hosting. What makes VPS hosting so popular is that it provides control at a level similar to a dedicated server at a price not too far from affordable shared hosting. The concept of virtualisation is not new and it's now global.If you've ever tried to use any virtualization software to emulate different OS on top of your current running OS, then you would realize how efficient working this way is. Likewise, a VPS is created by virtualization software which partitions a single physical server to form multiple servers within it.  Each virtual server is completely independent of its neighbors and functions like an actual single entity networked server. It cuts off all the limitations of shared hosting and yet it's so affordable. That's the beauty of VPS hosting.  

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Business owners who do not understand how computer servers truly operate can also benefit from using these services, because the company they are working with can manage everything that has to do with their server, whether it be the software or the actual physical server a company is working with. In this way, business owners can reduce the complexity of running their business and they can reduce the costs of running their servers.

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