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Car's onboard Computer Systems prone to hack

It's still unimaginable to hack into someone's Car's on-board Computer system but it's not impossible. A team of modern day student hackers from the University of Washington and the University of San Diego conducted the experiment and successfully exploited the Car's system using specialized wireless hacking tool called CarShark. The results were terrifying: they turned off brakes in a moving car blasted the radio volume turned the heat up high locked the passenger door from inside showed the fake reading on the speedometer Do you flaunt your latest car's built in GPS navigation system with gizmo friendly abilities and ultra-rich features? It's time to think. Time to think how you could protect yourself and your car. The future of car jacking is at metamorphic stage simply termed car hacking for now. Sooner or later, it seems imminent. src

Stuxnet - A Malware rapidly spreading to cause destruction at physical level

The cyber worm, called Stuxnet, has been the object of intense study since its detection in June. As more has become known about it, alarm about its capabilities and purpose have grown. Some top cyber security experts now say Stuxnet's arrival heralds something blindingly new: a cyber weapon created to cross from the digital realm to the physical world – to destroy something. - src src According to Symantec, which has been investigating the virus and plans to publish details of the rogue commands on Wednesday, Iran has had far more infections than any other country. "It is not speculation that this is the first directed cyber weapon", or one aimed at a specific real-world process, said Joe Weiss, a US expert who has testified to Congress on technological security threats to the electric grid and other physical operations. "The only speculation is what it is being used against, and by whom." Experts say Stuxnet's knowledge of Microsoft's Windows ope

HP Pavilion laptop boot up display problems issues and disasters

I've come across many laptops and computers to fix. HP's are the worst. Good for us, we technician, we get job to open up and fix it up. But from consumer's point of view, most of the HP laptops before 2009 are havoc. The most notable problems with those laptops are over-heating issues, noisy and faulty fans, flaw design on how the chips are seated on the board, power adapter problems etc. I've seen HP laptops with power problems. They don't supply power at all to the laptop. The power jack on the laptop is fragile and faulty. Even the small bend during those carry here and there moments, it's prone to disaster. The only solution to these kind of problems is to resolder/rewire the connection on the power jack of the motherboard's from where it gets the power.  Other types of problems are boot up problems. This is not where you see all those regular POST screen and then it stops. Nope, not at all, it's the hardware level of malfunction. You plug the p

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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse - Insanely geeky and futuristic

Microsoft has unveiled the Arc Touch Mouse. It's artistic, it's fantastic, it's ultra-modern and it's unconventional. The Arc Touch Mouse forms itself from flat to curved shape and ergonomic to every hand. It can be used on any surface. It has 2.4 GHz Nano transceiver and Microsoft BlueTrack technology for wireless setup. Flexibility in shape is what makes this mouse unique from others. It's therefore extremely portable too. Microsoft obviously tried to retain the effect – using haptic feedback to make little vibrations and a little speaker to make little clicks, all to simulate the feel of a mouse wheel. A single charge on 2 AAA battries would last six months. As of right now, this Arc Touch Mouse is available as pre-order and special pre-order rate is $69.95 on major online retailers like Expected shipping is on December of 2010 and price gonna go up next year if you missed the pre-order. Click the link below to buy or pre-order online:

Digital Pirates in Nepal arrested for hollywood movie piracy

Deepankar Kasaju and Abhinav Kasaju, were arrested on Wednesday(Sept 15,2010) evening for allegedly sharing.. excuse me , I mean selling latest hollywood blockbusters to their subscribers. They had made quite a name on web designing field during the past decade. They are the directors of their web design firm Dreams & Ideas Pvt Ltd. Their entertainment portal got them even more exposure and fame. Critics often scrutinized the half-nude portrayal of female models on their entertainment portal. May be that was their cheap stunt to get publicized quickly. Whatever, the site is still popular among teenagers with youth related articles, photographs and sections. Kasaju brothers with family This recent scandal has made them bite the dust. All their career and fame is at the stake. They are now tagged as digital thieves. Piracy of digital property is ethically wrong. Stealing properties and selling them at the fraction of the cost in the black market is still rampant

Google Instant : Internet Search Redefined

Google once again proved it's superiority in search engine market by launching Google Instant. Today (Sept.8, 2010), they unveiled this wonder feature which makes searching effortless and extremely fast. It's new search technology and predictive search result is instantaneous which means it shows results as you type keywords. You don't even have to click that 'Search' button anymore. I see in coming days, relevancy of that 'Search' button will be zero. Recently Google has been experimenting with lot of things. Several months ago, they amazed us with the predictive search results. That minimized the spell errors and resulted meaningful keyword input. Then, for the fun part, their simplistic Google Image/Logo has started to come into life, sometimes in the form of Pacman game and sometimes with some interactive animations. I don't know what they're upto and what they're trying to do but something is for sure, they're experimenting, they'

Latest MSIL/Zeven malware mimicking Microsoft Security Essentials

This particular malware dubbed MSIL/Zeven is currently on the radar of Microsoft. This malware infected PCs display rogue but authentic looking security alerts. Visibly, it's 99 % accurate and rapidly combing all naive victims across the networks. Certain group of computer users highly sensitive to online threats were among the victims.  This malware has  packed in such a psychological and detail factor(except few negligible spelling error) that even the cleverest eyes could be easily deceived. This malware when loaded, displays the "Reported Attack Site" or "Reported phishing site" page in the exact style of the firefox browser. In addition to that, it offers you to update. This 'update offer' part is neatly done. Update freak without a doubt would click that link. And, when that happens, it works on it's way. It then downloads,installs and launches rogue Win7 AV (Windows 7 Antivirus) with all legitimate looking UI. It gives out number of

1.5 Ghz HTC HD3 Spec Sheet leaks

It’s common knowledge that the HTC HD2 is one of the most capable devices currently on the market running Windows Mobile. In fact, it may be the single most capable device ever to run Windows Mobile. Regardless, Microsoft’s latest attempt at a mobile operating system with Windows Phone 7 is quickly approaching with hardware manufacturers everywhere gearing up their own offerings. Seeing how the HTC HD2 was such a successful device, speculation regarding a Windows Phone 7 powered HTC HD3 has become the general consensus. Today, a supposed spec sheet for the HD3 has leaked out giving us a look at what seems to be hardware components that are too good to be true. As you can see from the above pictured spec sheet, the HD3 is said to feature a 4.5-inch screen , a 1.5GHz processor , 1GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera and more. While it wouldn’t be too far off to dream of a device with such specs, it also wouldn’t be too hard for someone to do whip up a fake list in Photoshop. We’l

GarminFone = Garmin GPS + Android Smartphone

Garmin's Car GPS devices are outstanding. I've one with me and I always wondered if there were phone capability on it's GPS devices.  And here we have Garminfone Android Phone. The first Android-powered smartphone fully-integrated with Garmin's premium GPS software , the 3G-enabled Garminfone smartphone gives you the same navigation experience found on Garmin's standalone GPS devices--including voice-guided and on-screen directions, real-time traffic, weather, and gas prices. The mobile Web browser includes enhanced functions, including pinch and zoom capability and embedded location awareness that links information found on the Web to navigation and mapping functions--enabling you to navigate directly to a location from a Web page. The Garminfone is ready to go with the included car kit--simply plug it in and snap it in the car mount and you'll be on your way in no time. Garminfone also features a bright 3.5-inch display, and a 3.0-megapixel camera with

KeyScrambler - A must have FREE anti-keylogger tool for added security

KeyScrambler is a must-have security tool for every internet user. It encrypts your keystrokes and scrambles the output defeating every keyloggers' logging mechanism. The only thing malicious keyloggers would record are those meaningless,scrambled texts on their saves. This is by far the most important tool you should have if you do a lot of online logins. Time is critical and we can't totally rely on Antivirus, AntiSpywares and Firewalls only. This will add a layer to your computer security. When you install this, reboot your computer to make sure it installs in kernal level properly which means it will directly interfere with keyboard drivers to give you added protection. KeyScrambler can be downloaded free as a browser addon. Here is a download link.

Jailbreak iPhone easily without paying a dime for Free

Last month, Apple Inc must have been devastated with Federal Communications Commission decision declaring jailbreaking of iPhone as legal. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. It widened the scope of app use. A jailbreak lets you run apps/themes/tweaks etc not approved by Apple Inc. It lets you however way you want your device be. When you pay for the device, you must own the device. Nobody can tell you what to do and what not to do. If Apple Inc is to say that, then it should distribute it's iPhone for free otherwise, it has no right to control the device once it's sold and needs to shut up. In my opinion, it all started with when Apple rejected Google Voice app last year. The silent dispute was running ever since. Finally, the decision was made and Apple Inc was knelt down. As we all know, there was some concern about Google's contribution(for ex: Youtube's Obama girl on every keyword 'obama' ?) in the last presidential campaign that helped a lot to Obama